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The 6 Surprising factors that dont help you rank on Etsy. Etsy SEO Rank


When you are selling on Etsy it can be confusing to know where to spend your time, what things actually HELP you rank higher in Etsy and even more importantly what things do not help you? In this video I cover some of the factors that do not help your Etsy SEO at all, not saying they are not useful, but they dont directly help you rank

Etsy Descriptions

Descriptions are for your customer, all the things they need to know to be able to buy your items so make sure and add any useful information and descriptions of sizes, care instructions and uses here 
Google does read your descriptions but its so hard to rank for google its really not worth stressing about  

The Number of your Etsy Listing Photos

Again photos are for your customer, the Etsy algorithm will not favour a listing with 10 photos over a listing with 9 photos, the number of images you need for your buyer to understand your item is the number of images you need

Etsy listing videos 

Can you guess what Im going to say here? yup these are for your customers. You wont rank higher by adding a video but if a video helps customers be more likely to buy your item then in the long run this will improve your listing 

Using ALL 13 tags 

Etsy tags are part of the metadata, that is how we explain to Etsy what our item is, but so long as you have the keywords the buyer is searching for the other words wont help you rank higher for that one keyword 

BUT they give you the chance of ranking for MORE keywords so get more views and chances of sales so it is worth using all your tags

Multi word tags 

If you can fit the full keyword phrase in one tag then that is great and will help you rank higher by being an 'exact match' but if the keyword is too long for one tag then it does not matter for ranking if you split them up into single word tags or multi word phrases in the tag. One word tags tho means you can just have less words in your tag spaces so you have less chance of ranking for OTHER keywords 

Klicks and Hearts from Etsy Team games

This is a thing that used to work on Etsy but as it is not helping customers in any way and it does not tell Etsy your listing is good this no longer impacts how you rank. Do not try and game the algorithm, make great listings 

Friday, 15 January 2021

What Crafts should we Make and Sell in 2021


If you are looking to Craft your Career as an artist in 2021 it can really help to get an idea of what things are likely to be popular this year. 
Of course we cant just jump onto every trend if what we make does not fit, but it is possible to gain some inspiration about styles and it may even change how we photograph our items for the year. For example one trend this year is still cottagecore - could our items be photographed in a room that has more of a nod to that style rather than a minimalist themed space. Or even being aware and sensitive to the world situation could mean that just now photographs of big gatherings of people might not be very good lifestyle images and it may be better to have singles or couples. 
Hobbycraft and Etsy both released style guides recently and looking at this and using a little common sense we might be able to get an idea of what the trends for 2021 may be 

Of course there are always things in the future that we cannot predict but we can make educated guesses 

And of course Hobbycraft and Etsy both have the power to make the trends become a reality as they can feature items and listings that follow these trends and as people see a similar style more often they start to love it and are more likely to buy it. 

eRanks trend buzz is a good way to time travel to past months to see what buyers were searching for in any given month and the Keyword Explorer shows us the search trend over time for any keyword phrase, did you know for example that even though Christmas obviously has a peak in searches at the end of the year but all through the year it has thousands of searches and Etsy tell us that last year sales for Christmas gifts actually started in April!

Looking at Etsy and Hobbycraft reports I can clearly see some ideas that we can think about.
Firstly thinking of styles Etsy has mentioned that its colour of the year will be sky blue. They say the feeling is to evoke freedom, health, vitality and hope. Something I think we can all get behind. 

Looking at the reports I think we can break it into 4 trends




Handmade to last 

and as a bonus

Carer Change


Fabric trends for 2021 are in 3 themes really, cozy nesting, handmade and make do and mend - but also luxury fabrics are showing more and more as people want to buy a quality item once rather than cheep items again and again

Both hobbycraft and Etsy mention Macramé and on eRank we have been seeing a steady 11k searches a month so this is a very popular style. Other top mentions are weaving, crotchet, dressmaking, knitting and embroidery 


 New home, improved home, work from home, home schooling, inside activities and nesting with fabrics 
Also with this cooking and baking along with anything personalised especially to do with this - think personalised wooden spoons or chopping boards. Cake decorating was in Hobbycrafts top 3 crafts 


Showing people you care with care packages, cards and luxury gifts. Of course these trends all overlap with the styles so the gifts could be kits or personalised baking goods for people who have just started cooking in the past year. 

Also Etsy is planning to start promoting Valentines day around now, and that is not just gifts for partners but can be for friends or even pets! 

Handmade to Last 

This trend is about personalised luxury and most importantly who the maker is. Think of yourself as a master craftsman and show yourself making the items. The minor imperfections but greater quality of handmade over mass produced 

In Etsy your about me section is a great place to add more about you as the maker and you can include in your listing photographs or even listing videos

Carer Change 

Sadly this next year is still likely to be difficult with people losing jobs and some perhaps wanting to start selling arts and crafts. 
This is not a bad thing and can actually have us in a positive place as we could sell supplies, kits or monetise tutorials. 
Also crafters are way more likely to be buyers and understand the quality of the work - and of course their friends might buy crafty gifts for them 

I hope this has inspired some ideas for the year ahead. We cant and should not put them all into practise but what things can you take away from this? 


Thursday, 3 October 2019

How to Start an Etsy Shop pt 1 Why should you open an Etsy store

One question I get asked ALL the time is 'How do I start a shop on Etsy? Can you show us step by step?'
And although I think its a great idea it has been 11 years since I opened my Etsy shop
Things will totally have changed in that time, I dont really actually know how to open an Etsy shop in 2019
And I didnt want to just create advice in general 'Do this, this is good practise'
I wanted to be able to give the best advice I could
So I decided to create a roadmap of the step by steps that go into creating a shop, all the thought process, all the fails, all the wins
And what better way to do that than putting my 'money where my mouth is' by creating a brand new shop and then documenting the process

So this is the start of my series

The very first step in starting to think of selling online with Etsy is to consider WHY you want to open an Etsy store

It sounds a very basic question but when you nail this down it  helps answer so many questions about pricing and if you even should open an Etsy shop

So why do you want to open and Etsy shop??

To free up space so you can create more
To make a little extra money
To build up to a part time or full time future business
To make a little money right now?

so starting at the end :D

To make money right now 

If your reason for opening a Etsy shop is you genuinely need money RIGHT NOW then simply


If money is urgent right now then opening an Etsy shop is not the best way to make money quickly. Etsy is a massive learning curve and unless you have a great background in marketing and photography and all the things then it is very unlikely you will be making a steady income for quite a while.
Look into getting some kind of steady work then potentially have an eye to opening your shop and slowly building it up so in the future it becomes that business you dream of

To Build a potential business 

Think of finances here, how much money do you need to make, how many hours are you able to put into working on your Etsy business? What can you make?
Research how long it takes to make what you make - then double that figure for all the time for marketing and dealing with  customers, see if there is a market for it and how much the top and average items sell for
Can you add extra value with extra skill or more quality materials.
If you go for items that can be mass produced then someone else will be able to make them cheaper. Stand out and make something unique that you can be proud of

To make a little extra 

If you have extra time and just want to make a little extra there is less pressure for you. You still need to make sure you get fair money for your time but you dont need a living wage from it. So what things do you enjoy creating that are low stress?

To Clear up space 

If your art or craft is your love but you dont have a real need to make money then congratulations,  that really is so awesome. Even so it is still important to take time to learn SEO and other research on what you are wanting to sell. Just putting items up sadly will not likely sell on Etsy, you need to work to get sales. So if you are not up for that then perhaps selling on Etsy is not right for you

So for me
I decided obviously to open a new shop for research but also because I have thought for a while that my digital art does not belong in my felting store

And it is not something I am very experienced with so I feel the skill level does not quite match my felting skill

So I thought that building up a shop based on my digital work - likely digital stamps, but we will see how the research goes - could be a fun challenge

 I have a long way to go to get good at this but I enjoy it, but also creating digital items that I do not have to do anything when I sell, people just download them. So its passive income, even if I am ill and cant needle felt hopefully a doodle I created months or years ago could make me some money

So really my 'why' is to hopefully build slowly up to a supplemental income

 I know that likely I am not going to get many sales in the beginning but hopefully it will be interesting to document the wins, the failures and all the steps of creating this new shop

If you enjoy learning new things Skillshare has some awesome courses and if you click my link you get a extra month free to watch any of their courses (you only have to remember and cancel before the end of your free period and they wont bill you. Click my (affilate) link for that free learning

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Etsy SEO 2019 Superstar Keywords

When we are talking about Etsy SEO what on earth are Superstar Keywords?

Etsy have mentioned ‘Superstar Keywords’ before I explain what they actually are we have to talk about what keywords are.

Many people mistakenly think keywords are your tags, or your titles or what you put in your description, but this is not the case. Keywords are simple the terms, the words that BUYERS type into the search area of the search engine.  
In General, there are two types of keywords

Broad and Narrow keywords.

Broad Keywords
These are not particularly descriptive, they are words like ‘ring’ these are words that are going to have massive competition and quite a high number of people searching for them so you might look at them and think that is something you should be aiming for, lots of people are searching for it so there are lots of chances for people to find your items.
The things is this term is not very specific, a person searching for the word ‘ring’ does not really know what they are looking for, this might just be possibly to narrow down their ideas or have a look at the competition on Etsy, but they are not thinking about the occasion, what material, what type of ring so that search term is going to return a whole load of random rings and the chance of any of them being the one you want to buy is pretty low.
So a searchers behaviour could quite often be they would search for this broad term to get some ideas of what they are looking for and then narrow down and refine their search term until they get an idea of what they are really looking for.

Narrow keywords
Narrow keywords are often called longtail keywords. These are the more specific terms with the narrower focus.
They tend to have more words in their phrase (but not always) but if you imagine instead of ‘ring’, ‘steampunk emerald engagement ring’
This is much more specific, the person searching for that has a fair idea exactly what they are looking for so when they see the items, they are much more likely to be buyers rather than just browsers. So actually, it is a better strategy especially for us little guys.
If you go for too broad keywords then you are up against a majority of shops, for example anyone that has ‘Emerald steampunk ring’, ‘Wedding ring’. ‘engagement ring’ will also all rank somewhere for the term ‘ring’ they all contain the term ‘ring’ so the competition is HUGE but your chance of ranking on the front page, your chance of ranking somewhere that someone can see you, is pretty low.
Whereas when you narrow it down to something way more specific your chance of ranking for it is much higher and the chance of someone seeing your item and then clicking on it and BUYING IT is equally much higher so we want to find those most specific phrases that really identify what the searcher is searching for.
This is very different for every different shop, niche, for every customer, for every time period, and for every season.
Its always different, its always fluctuating so what Etsy mean by ‘Superstar Keywords’ are the keyword phrase that you have identified that does the very best for your shop, it’s the very thing that resonates the best with your customers and once we have identified what our superstar keyword is we want to use our titles and our tags to explain to Etsy that that is exactly what our item is.
The most important way to do this is with our title, this superstar phrase is descriptive of your item so chances are the best thing to do is just put that entire phrase in your title, then you can add anything else that explains it a little more if you need extra added, but don’t go crazy trying to ‘keyword stuff’ the title. You only need the one or two really descriptive superstar keywords.
With your tags you want to focus again on explaining a little more. If you can use the superstar keyword as the whole phrase in your tag then that is the best way to explain to Etsy that your item is very ‘relevant’ for that phrase then that is the best, but its possible that the keyword phrase might be longer than tags can allow but that’s OK because everyone else will have the exact same problem, so you can chop up that phrase and pop it into a couple of keyword.
Then for your other keywords you can look at synonyms of the same word (personalised or custom) the people who will use it (bride, mother, sister) and of course what materials and what occasions.
But the most important thing is that you are specifically telling Etsy in all the ways possible that this item is exactly what you say it is.

Don’t try and spam, don’t try and fit in different keywords that are not quite related. There is no point putting ‘necklace’ in your keywords if the item is a ring. You might sell necklaces but that is not what this item is.  Similarly, do not put other peoples shop names in there hoping that you will rank because they are doing well.
Do not try to game the system, just put the most descriptive things to tell Etsy what your item is. If you are correct and have found good phrases that resonate well with people and we tell Etsy exactly what it is then Etsy will likely give us a chance, show us, and our item could do relatively well. If your item starts to do well for one keyword phrase then it might actually rank for other phrases as well that you hadn’t even thought of.  
Check back often into your Etsy stats and make sure that everything is still working, tweak when necessary and make sure that your superstar is still a superstar.
Etsy have told us enough times now that they don’t want a keyword stuffed title. They have even given examples of decent titles in some of their latest articles

For more Etsy SEO Secrets you need to check out this article packed with tips

You also need to read these articles from Etsy
The Ultimate guide
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Get your listings ready to advertise 

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Boost Etsy Sales in 2019 with my Etsy SEO Secrets

Do you want to get more sales in your Etsy shop? Today I'm going to talk about the tips trick secrets and SEO advice that have taken my shop so that last year my sales were a thousand times what they
were five years ago not only that but I have grown a year-on-year since I started implementing these tips.
And it looks like my 2019 sales are going to be even better again!!

Five years ago, for example my 2018 sales were a hundred and fifty times what they were in 2017

Don't you want that for your shop?

So what are the secrets that cause one shop to be successful over other shops? Is it games, tricks, special adverts? Are they doing something secret that you don’t know about?

Actually its ‘simple’ to sell online you need two things

1.       You need to be found by the right people
2.       You need to have the things that the people who find you want to buy
There are many ways that big shops might be getting found by their customers. Blogs, Social media, websites or even traditional media.
How can we, the little Etsy shop, compete with that?
Well for the little guy like us, for anyone just starting out with online selling before you have that online presence, before you have fans sharing you our secret sauce that give is the edge in getting seen is SEO.

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is taking your listings and optimising them by explaining to the search engine exactly what our listings are in a way that we have identified our customers are searching for.
Etsy tells us that when a buyer enters a query (that is when they type a term into the Etsy search box) Etsy then searches through all the matching items on Etsy and ranks them according to a number of factors.
then searches through all the matching. The point of this ranking is so that when someone searches, Etsy shows the person the items that they are most likely to buy.
This is the most important metric; Etsy wants to give shoppers the items that they want to buy because simply put this means Etsy gets money and people keep coming back to Etsy because it is an enjoyable experience where they can easily find items.

So this tells us you could have all of what you consider all the best SEO practises in the world, your listings could follow the perfect structure that Etsy outlines we should use, in your mind doing things so much better than your competitors shops but if their listing is just more likely to sell when a customer sees it than your listing is then their listing is likely to rank higher than your listing.

Or if you are trying to fool the system, for instance if you are trying to rank for a misleading term (if you consider that might get you seen by a bigger audience)  say you are selling a baby hat but have decided you want to rank it under the search for ‘Wedding Ring’ if someone searches for a wedding ring and your baby hat turns up, that is NOT what they wanted and they are not likely to buy it. Etsy will see this and accordingly you will drop down in the rankings.
This is where listings that don’t look as well optimised at yours might actually rank better.
The information that we give Etsy is to give it an idea of what our item is, but if it performs badly then its going to drop down in the rankings however good SEO you have.
Telling Etsy what we think our items is is a good start in getting ranked. But what are these secrets to good Etsy SEO?
Most people actually miss the very first step!
Identify your target before you even make a listing (Or even better a series of listings) or before you go out and look for the vintage items you want to buy, or kits and supplies you want to create.

The very first thing you want to do is to have decided on what your keywords are going to be, what you are aiming for before you even create your listing

But what are keywords?   

Keywords, or keyword phrases are simply the query, the words that potential customers are typing into the search box
We want to aim for one phrase that buyers are using that we think we might be able to rank for. If you try and rank for many keyword phrases at once the chances are that you are going to rank for none of them partially because you are not being clear to Etsy exactly what you think your item is. So we want to hone in on one phrase, in the future if this phrase did well for this items then we could aim for more later, if you manage to rank for one and your item is doing really well then It might be easier to rank for more things as Etsy has a good history of how customers interact with your item.
What you are wanting to do is to think up a whole load of phrases that you think might be relevant to the items that you are thinking of making
Ask friends what they would search for if they were looking for something like your item
Brainstorm different word, different phrases, different synonyms for the words that you are planning and then focus in on the most descriptive ones.
You want to investigate how much competition these items have (How many shops are selling similar items that Etsy might show them in the same search results.
How optimised the other listings are for that search term (how exactly the titles and tags say the exact phrase compared to slightly different wording or wording in a different order)
How much it is searched for on Etsy
The Google adsence the cost per click to advertise for that term
And also if it’s a time sensitive term like Valentine’s day, Halloween or Christmas, and when does the search volume for those terms really pick up? (you would want to if possible, to get your items listed just before customers start searching for those terms)
Equally important is how descriptive of your item is this search term? What you want the most is for someone searching for this term to have a really good idea in mind of what they want to buy.
For example
If someone is searching for the word ‘ring’ they really don’t know what they want, this is a very broad keyword term, so if they search they are going to see a page of lots of different rings and they might get a better idea of what they are actually looking for, but they are unlikely to actually BUY at this stage. So even if your items were able to show up for the term ‘ring’ and lots of people are searching for this term it is actually unlikely your item will get clicked on and even less likely that your item will get purchased.
The next step for the customer here is likely that they will search for a more descriptive term.
So if your keyword is more descriptive, for example ‘Amethyst, Steampunk engagement ring’ this is VERY descriptive and the person searching for this has a really good idea of what they are looking for and are far more likely to click on items and likely to buy if what your listing is matches exactly what they were thinking of.
So that’s step one
Find your target

Step two is
Lock your target
You want to create your listing around that target keyword phrase that you have identified where your title is as brief as possible, with the keyword phrase and as little else

Etsy tells us OFTEN that they are looking for short descriptive titles so you want to have that phrase at the beginning of your title in the exact order
‘Amethyst Steampunk Engagement ring’
‘Steampunk engagement ring, amethyst’
Are not the same.
You have to put your keyword in your title in the exact order you identified it to be considered an exact match for relevance (Etsy tells us they consider relevance in ranking listings)
I have seen some evidence in testing my listings that the least other terms you have in your titles the higher your listing ranks for that keyword you were aiming for, it is again more relevant so
‘Amethyst Steampunk Engagement Ring’
 instead of
‘Amethyst Steampunk Engagement Ring, Gothic Gift for her, gift for bride, wedding ring’

Simply put the second title has the chance to rank in several searches and you might see many items on Etsy with titles like this, but it is less relevant for each phrase so the ranking power for each individual phrase is likely to be less than for just focusing in on one phrase.
So if you really want to rank well for a keyword you want to test the one keyword phrase you want to focus in on and first get ranking for that one phrase because that will give you a SEO boost because its such an exact match, Etsy totally understands what your item is
And super-secret bonus
Do you know who else likes short, specific to the point titles? Google does, so if you aim for the short titles that is just the keyword phrase then Google is more likely to rank you as well. If you bring traffic from google then guess what, Etsy is going to like your item better too so it’s a win-win.

Step three is
Take that shot
And you really want to pay attention to this section because we have EVEN MORE secret tips here
You have your keywords, you know what you are doing, you have made the listing.
Let’s publish it.
You can increase your shops relevancy for this tag by adding it in your shop’s description, creating some more similar listings that contain in a tag the keyword phrase you were aiming for and also linking from those slightly less optimised listings to this most optimised listing.
All this can help, especially with google search but they also all help with Etsy as well. So for your less optimised listings what you can do is think about ‘Nested Keywords.
Nested Keywords are keyword phrases that contain your main keywords within them.
For example, if I was aiming for a needle felted dog as a keyword term then several listings with specific dogs.
For example
Labrador Dog
Needle felted pit bull dog
Needle felted Staffie dog

Or if your keyword was ‘steampunk ring, then you could look at
‘silver steampunk ring gemstone’
‘steampunk ring silver gemstone’
All these could be separate listings that are slightly different for slightly different items but they all feed into this one keyword phrase with your main ‘hero’ item being the most focused for this keyword phrase. They all help boost each other’s ranking by telling the search engine that you are an ‘authority’ for that subject but they also really help boost this one special listing.   
So you are not just creating one item from this keyword phrase that you have found, you are creating a series that are all focused in on this keyword phrase.
You do not want to publish this series all on one go on the same day, it is much better if you drip-feed this out over the course of a week or so, you are posting a new item once or twice a day.
The reasons for this are
1.       And item gets a newness boost in the search for being new, and quite often you can get quite high, even to page one of a competitive search term in the first day or so of your listing but that drops off quickly the more the term is searched. So posting over a period of time gives each new listing a few hours in the Sun, a few hours on page one for you to see what listings and what pictures do best with your target customers
2.       It keeps you to the front of your followers feed, if people are favouriting your shop, they will see your new listing right there on their Etsy homepage
If you were to list every item at once they will be buried within a few minutes are other people add their listings but if you post one item every day you have more chance to be seen and be in front of the feed when someone logs on
3.       You can also build up excitement on social media and your mailing list if you know you are just about to launch a series then making it an event to tell people you have collection of new items coming out over the next week you can make people excited. You can even make this a limited time event by saying these items are only going to be available for a short time

So now your listings are out there you want to give Etsy some good data. Sadly, no matter how good your items are if its not getting any traffic to it then Etsy can’t tell if its any good or not. For instance even if you rank well for a keyword term If its up there at a time when there are just less people searching then the information Etsy sees it is going to be hard to tell if its really a quality item or not and it might drop you out of search before people have really had a chance to see your item
So to help that
If your listing is something you can make multiples of, if someone messages you in a private message or a custom request asking if you can make something and it is pretty much that item then rather than creating a custom order for them then link them to that item.
I do that with my custom dog sculptures. When people mail me to ask if I can make a specific breed of dog I tell them I can and link to the specific custom listing I am trying to build up and tell them that is the listing they need to purchase and that way the  listing I have chosen gets a lot more engagement and sales.
And the same if friends are wanting something, instead of selling direct of making a special listing for them with ‘mates rates’ (if that is what you are doing)  then you can give them a link and a coupon code for the discount.
I know some people will be saying ‘But this means I have to pay Etsy fees for the sale’ and yes of course this is true, but it is giving you a little boost in SEO which might be worth it if it brings you more customers.
It also gives you more experience of dealing with sales and if you are new can give you some extra feedback scores. (It is against the rules for friends and family to give you fake feedback but its fine if they were looking to buy anyway and are giving an honest review) This helps with your customer experience score which can help your entire shop look better for Etsy.

Also consider in a blog or social media or in your shop updates some posts about how your item is made, a sequence of posts about your idea for the listing, what inspired you, how you found it, a little of your process of how you created it (people love to see the artist creating their work) or how people can use or display the item and remember to link to your item.
Bonus tip especially if you are wanting to rank better on Google you can choose the text so that you link to an item that’s hyperlinked text. If you can choose it use your keyword phrase so the link that people click on to take them to your item is your actual keyword phrase.

Although some SEO experts say this is out of date advice, many people who have been testing this still find it works in Google and it certainly cannot hurt your shop if the exact phrase is in the link you have clicked on.

Another thing to consider for the future on Etsy but works for Google is if you right- click your picture and do a image search for this picture you can find what Google’s clever robot thinks your image is so for example if your item is a Needle felted Labrador and Google recognises it as a Labrador or a needle felted Labrador then your item might show up in image searches for needle felted Labradors and you are giving extra information to Google that your item is exactly what you are telling them it is.
So consider when you are choosing your main photograph that it is a clear and uncluttered image, this might help in the future tell the search engine even better to understand what your item is. (Etsy does not have this feature yet but where Google goes so often other search engines follow)

Wait! You are not done yet!
A few weeks after you have put your listing up you want to check where your item is ranking, you want to check if all the work you have done is actually working for you. Obviously, sales are a great indication but Etsy gives us so much more information to help us tweak and improve listings.
Check in your shop dashboard under ‘Marketing’ then ‘Analytics Beta’ You can search for the search query the keyword you were aiming for an this gives you loads of information.
Impressions give you an idea of how many people were searching and were shown your item in their search results. This tells you not only were people searching but your item is ranking well enough to be shown to them.
This is fantastic information; we are so lucky Etsy gives us this data.
We can see the average place your listing is ranking for that exact search term and also how many clicks, how many times people were shown your listing and then clicked on it.
This gives you a ‘click through rate’

How to use this data?
If our impressions are low but you are ranking really high then this tells us that perhaps this wasn’t a great keyword, not enough people are searching for it at this moment in time so perhaps we want to try again with a more searched for keyword term.

If the impressions are high but the position you are ranking at is pretty low then this might be a search term that is a little too competitive for you at the moment. If you have done all the best practises to rank for it and you are just not ranking then perhaps try for a slightly easier keyword term and come back to this one at a later date. However, you could experiment a little more if its got high impressions to try a better image and try and focus even more on this keyword and perhaps if customers start responding well to your item then you might rank higher for this keyword term and get seen by even more people.

If your impressions are high and your position you are ranking at is high then its time to work on optimizing that listing to encourage people to want to buy it. Compare your prices to the other items in this search term, look at your photographs for how you can improve them so they really pop and stand out against all the competition. Sort out your description so it’s a really compelling read for people who click on this and it makes them really want to buy it

If impressions are high, ranking position is high, click through rate is high and you are getting decent sales then leave this item alone, you have done fantastic, move on to your next keyword and your next series of items.

These are the secrets that have brought me massive growth which is awesome, but SEO, especially Etsy SEO is not just about blindly following what people are saying, its about researching to find good keywords, aiming for that keyword, checking if you are ranking for those keywords and seeing if you need to optimise further.  Keep checking your data to make sure what your doing is a good thing and keep testing

eRank.com is an AWESOME free Etsy SEO tool with tools to help you identify good keywords and find out where your items are ranking (although I do work with eRank these posts are not sponsored by eRank and all advice is my own)
I hope this has given you some ideas to inspire you and hopefully start you growing your Etsy shop

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Why should you have a mailing list with your Etsy customers

It is so important to not spread yourself too thin when trying to set up your online shop with Etsy
If you try and grow in too many places at all the same time then you end up unlikely to be able to grow in ANY of the places

So it is important to focus in one or two places and get really good at drawing traffic to them

However having all your eggs in one basket can also put your business at risk.
Say the worst happens and for whatever reason you lose access to your Etsy shop! Or the BEST happens and you are looking to move your customers to a new website or venture
Then it can really help to have a mailing list to let you communicate with your most passionate customers and fans.

So I decided to finally look into creating a mailing list.
I chose MailChimp, not only because the name makes me smile but it is also a well thought of site that is free to set up an account for and free for up to 2000 subscribers to your lists

2000 of your most loyal fans is a great amount

What this can mean is when you release a new range in your Etsy shop you have the potential to drive lots of extra views right when you create that new listing and this is really giving Etsy some amazing signals that your item is cool and wants to be shown infront of lots more shoppers

Or if you start a new website you can immediatly get some great traffic and help your SEO for a brand new website right from launch day.

This kind of velocity is amazing to help you grow online.

Also if customers love what they have purchased from you and chose to opt in to your mailing list then there is a much higher chance of them ending up being repeat customers.  Especially if you put out a really exciting email just when they were thinking about buying gifts to friends.

Just asking people to sign up to a mailing list is unlikely to convince many people. People always want to know 'What is in it for me?'
So make sure and offer them some reason why they want to sign up
Give THEM something

You can offer shop discounts or a free cute download when they sign up
You can promise that your emails will give them exclusive access to behind the scenes or new ranges, prize draws or the fastest information

And then once you have your amazing list you want to make sure and let people know about this

Etsy does not want you contacting past customers or using their email to add them to a list. They have to opt in. But for new customers you can add the link to your mailing list in the thank you email after they have purchased

You can link to it from your social media and you can even put the link in some of the descriptions of your listings.

To start understanding about email lists I have decided to create a new list from scratch for everyone looking to grow their Etsy shop. When you sign up you can download my fantastic FREE 'Roadmap to Etsy success' pdf which is only available on my email list
Sign up here 

And let me know how you get on with your mailing list

Friday, 15 February 2019

Etsy Seller Tips 2019. eRank NEW track changes tool.

eRank, IMO the best tool for helping you with your Etsy shop SEO has come up with a new tool to help track your shop changes

and on a first look Im loving it!!

This is a pro feature, so not at the moment available for the free accounts

You get to it with the 'listings' tab
The tool can only track changes from when you actually click on the button on each listing, and it can only track a limited amount of listings, not every one in your shop so choose the listings you want to track first and then come back in a few days
Once a day eRank takes a snapshot of each of your listings that you are tracking and shows you the changes
If you have added something to the title or tags then this shows up in green, if you have removed something then that shows in red. It also tracks changes in likes etc
This will be so powerful to be able to see if any changes you made reduces the number of views to your listing and also remind you of the exact title and tags you had when it was working so you could change them back again

Here is a video of me showing my first look thoughts of this

For more tips on being an etsy seller dont forget to check back often or subscribe to me on youtube

Friday, 11 January 2019

How to rank on Etsy SEO QUICK!

Etsy has quietly given us a fantastic new resource

The 'Search Analytics Beta' Which is in your shop manager oddly enough under Marketing

and this already tells us something about it. Why is it not under stats??

There is LOTS of data here but the one thing that really got me thinking was the 'position' info - well that combined with the 'impressions'

What are Impressions on Etsy?
Every time someone searches for something on Etsy they get a page with a load of listings to choose from
If your item is on that page, regardless of if it is clicked on then that is an impression

And why is this number powerful?  It is telling you that that is a search term that customers are really searching for
There really is traffic for that term
So the terms (or search query as Etsy calls it) with high number of impressions is a good term that your item already ranks for
This could be a keyword you haddnt even thought of in your research but Etsy is letting us know its a really good term
And this might not have shown up in your stats because its possible that people didnt click on your listing - not because its a bad listing but because it was so low down on the page that they just didnt notice it

You really want your listing to be in the top 20 or better for people to really have a chance to notice you

So you want to find a term that has a high number of impressions (lots of people are searching) that you are ranking fairly well for, but not top 20 (this means you have the chance of ranking better)

If the listing really isnt driving sales then just change all your data and focus in on your keyword

If it is driving lots of views and sales then you want to either adapt your listing while keeping ranking for the other terms that were doing well - or create another listing that totally focuses in on this keyword you just found

More details are in this video on how to rank on etsy seo quick!! 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Creating Fleece Curls for Needle felting

Felted poodle dogHave you seen the lovely curls you can buy and drooled over them - only to buy them and been a little disappointed by the quality

Or you have wanted locks to match a perfect colour for your needle felting project

That was me - until I found several methods to create my own curls using my own roving or tops in every single colour

 Here in my very first video on curls I showed my method that I found and have loved of winding a thin strand of tops around a kebab stick (or a chopstick if you want looser curls, and then tipping a kettle of boiling water over the fleece to 'shock' it into taking the shape

I then discovered how to make sure they work every single time by making sure to add a little twist as you wind your tops rather than making it totally flat like a ribbon

(this video is really worth watching)

And finally how do you use these curls? or how to quickly make some when you dont have time to create some and wait for them to dry? You can just use roving and felt it on 'curly' to make bobbles and lumps of a short curly coat (if you want flowing locks like a unicorn mane or a mermaid hair (am I giving you ideas for projects?) then you do need to create the locks first)

I hope these little tutorials help and inspire you with ideas for new projects - and save you money :) 
If you make anything with 'my' locks please share them with me #BenMcFuzzylugs or come over to 'Pam Duthies Felting Friends' on facebook 

Oh and I am asked often how long these curls last - I have had some for several years and have seen no signs of the curls dropping - they seem pretty permanent 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

How to get 1000 sales on Etsy - scaling up and moving on!

Congratulations!! If you have been selling well on Etsy and are heading towards that 1000th sale you are doing really amazingly well

Honestly, you are now well into the top 10% of sellers on Etsy

And that means that things can be different. You have an idea of keywords and how to rank and what your customers want, you know your photographs are pretty OK and you know how to give good customer support

You are doing fantastic, I really mean it

So what different thing can you think of doing now??

You can Diversify

Consider kits, a 2nd shop, trends and even affiliate marketing (for things you really believe in)

You can be an Expert

Create tutorials, give advice on forums and blogs, create videos and podcasts or get involved in interviews (some of these things you can even make money out of as well as driving traffic to your shop - and doing something different that keeps you motivated)

You can spread out to New Horizons

Etsy is amazing but its good to not have all our eggs in one basket so consider mailing lists, websites or even getting your items in real stores and galleries

Check out my video for more details on how to get 1000 Sales on Etsy 


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