Friday, 24 February 2012

Stop puppy farmers

Before the new Pedigree dogs exposed program on monday here is a Kennel club vid of how and why you should avoid buying a dog from a puppy farm.

And my latest listing in my shop - a giant head westie, hope you like him

Thursday, 23 February 2012

More Destash

Wow, Felix sold in less than 30 min of being listed - a new record for me.
He is off to his new home as I type.
As this seems to be a good way to make a little space in my house I have added a few more fuzzies to my destash section
One of the first is this kitten. She was a really early peice for me, and instead of felting her eyes I used stunning blue glass eyes.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


My rehoming drawer for my Fuzzies is now overflowing. I remember when I started this I never thought I would have enough stock to make my little Etsy shop look OK, but now I am bursting at the seams!!

Some of my fuzzies have been overlooked for a little while now so to make room for new items I have SLASHED my prices. Its a chance for someone to own a McFuzzylugs origonal for a very daft price - I just want to find them a good home now

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Teaser 3

And here is the text that will be in the local papers

Club barking with joy after Glasgow Airport’s donation

A local dog agility club has received a cash injection of £2,500 from Glasgow Airport’s FlightPath Fund.

Phoenix Flyers Dog Agility Club, which was set up last year by airport security guard, Tony Gallacher, will use the funding to purchase the agility equipment needed to train the dogs.

Dog agility is a sport where a handler guides a dog over a course of jumps, tunnels, weaves and contact equipment. The airport has also provided the club with full use of land at the airport, near the picturesque Paisley Moss.

Tony said: “I launched the club last year with two members and we’re now up to 15. The club has proved really popular and to continue to grow we had to invest in some new equipment.

“The airport has really pulled out all the stops in their generosity to the club. Not only have they allowed the club free use of the land, which is in the perfect environment for dog training, they have donated a storage container for the dog agility equipment and £2,500 to help get the club started.”

John McConnell, Head of Commercial at Glasgow Airport, said: “We are only too happy to offer support to the Phoenix Dog Agility Club. I spent some time with Tony and the team and they do a fantastic job training the dogs. I wish the club every success for the future.”

Tony added: “Dog agility not only keeps you fit it improves the bond between dog and owner. It is a sport suitable for most breeds of dogs and we would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in joining the club.”

For more information check out

Picture info:

John McConnell joins Tony and the some of the club members for a spot of agility training.

Further info:

  1. Tony has worked as a security guard at Glasgow Airport for the past 10 year
  2. His dog was his bridsmaid at his wedding"


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