Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Featured shop - theallnaturalface

Here is an Etsy shop I would like to share with you all

Theallnaturalface a totaly lovely shop that sells vegan mineral makeup and a great range of brushes.
Well I say sells but they are so generous they are practically giving it away with tonnes of free samples to try if you buy anything. They know you will totaly fall in love with their stuff.
Heres me trying out my current faves (see the samples are more than plenty for a night out)
'purple ice storm' and 'The Tempest' - even the names are fab!!
There are lots of other colours- many more natural than those I favour - and mum even discovered that if you wouldnt use a colour on your face you can even use them for cardmaking - how cool is that!??!

I am also wearing their fab vegan mascara - which is sooo non clumpy it is amazing, their foundation (such a great range) and lots of other things that I had no idea what they were for but played round and loved the result which lasted perfectly all night - and I am afraid to admit I was v bad and didnt wash it off that night - it was still looking pretty good the morning after (which is more than I can say for me)
Great shop - not often I recommend another shop but totaly go and give this one a look.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

How to needlefelt - a wolf

Click here for my introduction for needle felting - the equipment 

How to shrink over big ears 

Here is a speed video of needle felting as well

and I have felting tutorials and kits avaliable in my shop

How do I turn a pile of fleece into a felted critter??

More links to follow

Click on the links below to see how I needle felted this wolf from nothing more than fleece, a felting needle and a foam pad.

Body and legs

Joining the legs to the body

Adding muscle and feet

Making the head and neck

Ears and adding colour

Eyes and Pawpads

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My first video of Ben at agility

We had our agility clubs fun BBQ on Sunday and B was kind enough to film Ben doing one of his runs (twice because we were alowed a joker if you messed a run up)
Unfort these runs are the first ones after the BBQ break and ben was a big bit hyper and I have to admit I might have had a couple of sherries - so not the best run in the world but still nice to see how he is going.
Be kind to me!! :D

Here is the first run, you can see the judge tried to nobble to comp by letting her dog run free - great start line stay by Ben - some dodgy handling by me, weaves and A-frame contacts need a lot of work

his next run i handled the first bit better but then when ii try and calm him for the weave he spots b with the camera and for the first time ever runs off course! weaves look nice when he gets going but after the A frame i am too slow and ben gets a bit jumpy.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Poor Scamp - MIA

I am sad to say one of my fave felted critters got lost on his way to his new home in Canida

Thankfuly my customer was very understanding and as we cannot find him anywhere I have made her another one and will claim for the one that went missing (good thing I kept hold of those recepits.

Its the first time I have had to try and make a duplicate of something I have already made - Scamp#2 turned out better than I thought

Sorry I have been missing from blogging action for such a long time too! hopefully I will update lots more - the doggies have been on their holidays and I even have some video footage of Ben doing agility!! so stay tuned :D


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