Friday, 25 July 2008

How to needle felt - Body and legs.

Taking a section of white fleece about 4 inches wide roll it into a tight tube shape.
The tighter you roll it up the quicker it will felt together.
Begin felting the tube together by stabbing it all over with your felting needle.
Remember to move the needle all over the shape, if you stab too much in one area you will create a dent - which can be filled in by adding more fleece to this area.

The fibers mesh over each other and contract in the direction the needle is moving, so if the piece is too fat stab in towards the centre, if it is too long stab in from the ends.

Stab until the tube holds its shape easily and is firm to the touch. The firmer you make each shape at this stage the easier later steps will be.

Take 4 sections of fleece about 1/2 the width of the piece used for the body.

For each piece carefully wind it around your needle then hold the roll firmly, slide off the needle and stab it to secure it.

Felt the leg firmly leaving one end with a fluffy unfelted end.
Repeat this for all four legs.

You now have four legs and a body.

To this point it has taken almost 1 hour

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