Friday, 11 January 2019

How to rank on Etsy SEO QUICK!

Etsy has quietly given us a fantastic new resource

The 'Search Analytics Beta' Which is in your shop manager oddly enough under Marketing

and this already tells us something about it. Why is it not under stats??

There is LOTS of data here but the one thing that really got me thinking was the 'position' info - well that combined with the 'impressions'

What are Impressions on Etsy?
Every time someone searches for something on Etsy they get a page with a load of listings to choose from
If your item is on that page, regardless of if it is clicked on then that is an impression

And why is this number powerful?  It is telling you that that is a search term that customers are really searching for
There really is traffic for that term
So the terms (or search query as Etsy calls it) with high number of impressions is a good term that your item already ranks for
This could be a keyword you haddnt even thought of in your research but Etsy is letting us know its a really good term
And this might not have shown up in your stats because its possible that people didnt click on your listing - not because its a bad listing but because it was so low down on the page that they just didnt notice it

You really want your listing to be in the top 20 or better for people to really have a chance to notice you

So you want to find a term that has a high number of impressions (lots of people are searching) that you are ranking fairly well for, but not top 20 (this means you have the chance of ranking better)

If the listing really isnt driving sales then just change all your data and focus in on your keyword

If it is driving lots of views and sales then you want to either adapt your listing while keeping ranking for the other terms that were doing well - or create another listing that totally focuses in on this keyword you just found

More details are in this video on how to rank on etsy seo quick!! 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Creating Fleece Curls for Needle felting

Felted poodle dogHave you seen the lovely curls you can buy and drooled over them - only to buy them and been a little disappointed by the quality

Or you have wanted locks to match a perfect colour for your needle felting project

That was me - until I found several methods to create my own curls using my own roving or tops in every single colour

 Here in my very first video on curls I showed my method that I found and have loved of winding a thin strand of tops around a kebab stick (or a chopstick if you want looser curls, and then tipping a kettle of boiling water over the fleece to 'shock' it into taking the shape

I then discovered how to make sure they work every single time by making sure to add a little twist as you wind your tops rather than making it totally flat like a ribbon

(this video is really worth watching)

And finally how do you use these curls? or how to quickly make some when you dont have time to create some and wait for them to dry? You can just use roving and felt it on 'curly' to make bobbles and lumps of a short curly coat (if you want flowing locks like a unicorn mane or a mermaid hair (am I giving you ideas for projects?) then you do need to create the locks first)

I hope these little tutorials help and inspire you with ideas for new projects - and save you money :) 
If you make anything with 'my' locks please share them with me #BenMcFuzzylugs or come over to 'Pam Duthies Felting Friends' on facebook 

Oh and I am asked often how long these curls last - I have had some for several years and have seen no signs of the curls dropping - they seem pretty permanent 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

How to get 1000 sales on Etsy - scaling up and moving on!

Congratulations!! If you have been selling well on Etsy and are heading towards that 1000th sale you are doing really amazingly well

Honestly, you are now well into the top 10% of sellers on Etsy

And that means that things can be different. You have an idea of keywords and how to rank and what your customers want, you know your photographs are pretty OK and you know how to give good customer support

You are doing fantastic, I really mean it

So what different thing can you think of doing now??

You can Diversify

Consider kits, a 2nd shop, trends and even affiliate marketing (for things you really believe in)

You can be an Expert

Create tutorials, give advice on forums and blogs, create videos and podcasts or get involved in interviews (some of these things you can even make money out of as well as driving traffic to your shop - and doing something different that keeps you motivated)

You can spread out to New Horizons

Etsy is amazing but its good to not have all our eggs in one basket so consider mailing lists, websites or even getting your items in real stores and galleries

Check out my video for more details on how to get 1000 Sales on Etsy 

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Adding hair to a 3d cats head face painting

Have you seen the wonderful 3d cats head faces some clever people are needle felting
I had a go at them and wanted to share something that many people struggle with
What direction to add the hair to when making a longer haired cat

I created this diagram while I was felting my cat to help
You want to start at the outer edges adding the long hair and then work inwards towards the centre of the cats face overlapping each new layer slightly and radiating the hairs outwards as per the arrows

If you want to see the ful video of me creating this cats head pin then it is below. This was fun to make and although not perfect and realistic it still turned out really cute

Saturday, 5 January 2019

How to get 1000 sales on Etsy

Milestones are awesome things to aim for - and times to step back and enjoy your achievements

And heading for 1000 sales on Etsy is actually an achievement that most sellers do not reach because they give up too soon or they just dont understand the work you need to put in to get to this goal

But once you have started selling on Etsy and have got some good traction and understanding of SEO, photography and all the steps to selling then it is time to change up what you are doing

The things that worked for a small seller can still work but now you can aim higher

You can aim for more competitive keywords
Even keywords that drive traffic from google

Gather your customers offsite either on a mailing list, social media or your very own website

You can become an expert in your field with tutorials, kits affiliate links or working with suppliers

You can diversify your range with moving into galleries and stores, working with manufacturers

Or hire people for certain tasks like photography, shipping, accountancy etc

What steps are you taking this year to expand your business on Etsy from a small shop to a business that can support you and your family ?

Check out my videos for the journey for all the steps to get to 1k sales on Etsy - and feel free to share what has been working for you

Monday, 29 October 2018

Etsy SEO changes in 2018 The ultimate guide to SEO

So Etsy released a document 'The ultimate guide to SEO' in September 2018 and this had people freaking out everywhere
'Etsy has changed'
'Its not fair'
'I cant do that'
So lets deep dive the document and see what actual SEO changes there have been and how this will affect our ability to rank in 2018, 2019 and beyond

Firstly lets have a look at what they actually said

Here is my very first look at the document

The first thing to take from this document is
Its not really a document telling us things have suddenly changed - its telling us the best practises for just now taking into account the constant changes that ALWAYS happen on the platform
Good SEO is still good SEO - in fact more so they are making sure to point out practises we have been talking about for years

Short concise titles

Not only does a buyer only see the first few words of the title when they search but also you are sending the strongest signal to Etsy what you thing the term your item should rank for is (more about ranking later)

Exact matches still get a boost

Baby wool hat would get more 'ranking power' for a search of 'Baby Wool Hat' than a tag of 'Wool hat baby' because the term is exactly what a buyer is searching for
also having your most important keyword in the title and also repeated in the tag

But there are also the 'new' things - or the things that SEEM new

Free Shipping

More about this later but in the document Etsy is talking about the fact they have discovered that BUYERS respond better to items with cheep shipping - even if the item is more expensive - so they are giving a slight boost to items with free shipping

Repeating words

This is the most missunderstood item in the document with people now thinking you might be penalised for having the same word more than once in the tags of your item
'Baby hat' 'Baby headgear' 'Blue hat'    - would this be a problem (short answer - nope, not at all - long answer in a future post'

 So overall the advice is


This is not a document saying you have to get out there and change all your Etsy SEO right now. If your listings are working and driving views and sales then leave them exactly as they are - just when you are creating new listings or changing failing listings this might be something to consider

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Japanese mirror ball challenge In WOOL!

Have you seen the trend just now? Making a polished mirror ball from aluminium foil. Roll it into a ball and hit it thousands of times to form a smooth dense ball, then sanding and polishing

But I thought this would be a great fun challenge for needle felting, to look at how the reflections and light and shade work to make a shape look super reflective 

And I think it actually turned out quite well :) - dare I say better than some of the tin foil balls :)

But I think its a great project to work on for needle felting to try and see if we can add even more dimensions to a piece with a little extra shading 

In something reflective like eyes in 2d and 3d needle felted works 

I actually learnt a lot about shading and highlights learning to sketch with the pro marker pens

Which you can see in the different levels in black needed to make this black Lab sketch 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A needle felted PomPom Mushroom

A friend of mine recently mentioned that I haddnt done any pom pom needle felted tutorials for a while
And for some reason I couldnt get the idea of a mushroom out of my head

Being brave I just went with the idea and didnt know until I cut it open if the pattern would work, if I would have nicely spaced out spots or just a mess

Its really easy too

Side 1 of maker

make 3 evenly spaced out semicircles in white
Cover everything in a few layers of red
In the dips beside where the white semicircles are make two circles in white
fill with red

Side 2
Fill with white - dont overfill

Cut open and tie off

Felt up one layer of white into red to make underside of mushroom
felt down remaining white to become a stalk

Trim the cap of the mushroom

How easy is this?

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

How to use photography to boost views on Etsy

In this weeks Etsy tips video 'Love a Loser'

I talk about taking a listing that isnt doing well and showcasing it for a month to see if you can boost things

One of the changes I made to my little needle felted yorkshire terrier was thinking about the images

Obviously this is a custom listing so there is little I can do to actually reshoot the dog (he was sold ages ago)
But it is SO SO important that an image catches the eye. Even if I can get him to the front page for a search term if he dosent catch the eye of shoppers then no-one will click, no-one will pin share love interact with or buy

So I had a go at trying to make him pop just using photoshop 

This was the original photograph, at the time I was super happy with this, his expression is great and its a fairly crisp photo, I like the slightly blurred kennel in the background 
But of course over time I have learnt more and styles change so I see plenty faults in this

First of all the background is not properly white - it has a pink tinge - and the colours are not saturated, it is a bit washed out
I like there are some pops of colour with the kennel roof in green and the dogs pink tongue 

But to stand out things have to pop

So first of all I tried this, I lightened the background to make it properly white and I did actually intensify the colours. Then as red is very eye catching I tried this border
But honestly although the red draws the eye it draws the eye only to the border and the image looks even more washed out - so new plan 

So this time I kept some of the red for the eye catching - but added a paw print border - just to stand out from all the other listings. I also upped the saturation of all the colours and sharpened the image up some more
What do you think? He is not perfect, I am still learning but hopefully this catches the eye a little more without insulting the eye :)

Monday, 22 January 2018

Etsy Shop Tips, Should I open a 2nd Etsy Shop?

It is so tempting when you are a creative person to make 20 different types of things - and then when you start trying to sell online you might want to try and sell them all in the same shop

But does this help or hurt us?

At a craft fair you have an audience walking past us and if you have several different things displayed attractively (not a jumble sale) people might spot one thing and then browse

So it makes sense to have several things for them to pick from.

But this is not the same on the internet.

On the internet people are not walking past your shop, if you are not shown to them in a search there is a high chance they will just never see you at all.
So the goal is to be the top of a search

And in most places on the internet search engines favour you if you are an authority on a subject. If someone is looking for 'baby hats' and your shop has lots of really popular baby hats then it is more likely to push you forwards than a shop that has baby hats and mens shoes and ......

Also if someone starts following you because they fell in love with your baby hats, if all you make is baby hats then every time you post them might love seeing your hats, giving you positive feedback and lots of traffic up to the point where someone they know has a baby and they are looking for a gift - and up pops you, this shop they have been loving for ages.
Compared to the shop where they loved a baby hat - then the next thing that comes up on their feed is mens shoes - something they are very much not interested in so they unfollow you at this point and dont remember you when their friend has a baby.

If you have the time to spare it might be an idea to open a 2nd shop and move all your shoes over there

If you dont have the time, it could actually be better for your shop to just remove all the shoes and just be an expert on baby hats, in the long run you might well have lots more sales doing that


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