Sunday, 3 August 2014

Playing with Pro Markers

I had a wee go at turning some of me wee fuzzies into sketches with Pro Markers

My first was Molly, she has become my shop logo so I thought she would be good for my first try.  Also quite a challange in terms of figuring out how to shade all them wrinkles and blend the colouts

What do you think??
I think she looks a little too 'lumpy; looking and the eyes are not quite right but overall I was really happy how great the pens actually are, the colours blend into each other so well

(I was advised to watermark them)

Next was my Jacobs Sheep, these were made for a display in the Gallery with loads of sheep and Highland cows

Again shading was so much fun, the horn on the bottom right is way way to thick but I loved the pale cream colours shading in the white

Next my Shetland Pony

This is my fave by far :) I was very worried about shading the mane as hair is so difficult - but overall not bad at all, the colour is not exactly the same but I do love it :)

High on my hair success I decided to really challange myself on the hair front - my Sky Terrier

while drawing this wee guy I hated him all the way, thought it was looking clumsy and childish

Stepping away from the image I actually do like him a bit :)

Finally a Japanese Chin

 This was a lot more challenging with black eyes on black fur and trying to do the shading on the white

I have some cunning plans for the sketches of my fuzzies, cross your fingers for me that it works out OK - you guys will be one of the first to hear


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