Wednesday, 29 October 2008

More Mia

Well some good progress for the doggies

Mia and Ben have been playing offlead in the park. Her recal is mainly v good but twice now she has followed a man out of the park.

Today I thought she was going to go onto the main road!!! but she came back at the end


will have to watch her a bitmore

SHe has been good making lots of doggie friends just sometimes she can be a little snappy.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Mia at the vets

Well today was a big day for the little girl

She was at the vets to get her stitches out. She had a wee bark at a dog on the way into the vets but once then got a chance to sniff she calmed down.

Her and Ben had a wee scuffle at the end of a walk, a play fight gone bad but appart from that it was pretty calm.

Then she met B, and it was love at first sight.

She is getting so much calmer and instead of the manic leaping about meeeting people she sat nicely to be patted

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mia Minx day 3!!

Another day in the house of puppy!

Good today, only one little snap at Ben the whole day - when she decided to not let him out of the kitchen. He didnt respond which is good and she was on the naughty step again - but didnt grump and came out quite and well behaived

trainig wise her sit is getting faster and cuter, recal with a nice sit in front is good in the house and we are getting there with a lie down. She also understands 'off' and is realising that she cant come on the sofa - she has had a bit of a huff about that, me thinks she has been a bit used to having it all her own way
Again thankyou to all who have helped with raising funds for her and the other doggies in her situation
If you would like to help please either visit my shop or donate with paypall to pamduthie @
Thankyou thankyou thankyou

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mia, the foster dog, the end of the 2nd day

Well the little miss is settling in quite well

Inside we had a couple of scuffles this morning but the guilty party was given time out (the naughty step) and they are becoming much calmer together - we had a good couple of hours with the 2 just sleeping and chilling out without even a strong look at each other.

On walks she is loving everyone, and she quite likes small dogs. If the dog is bigger then her she can be a bit growley and snappy untill they have been introduced then she is all puppy like and wanting to play (tangled us all up in her lead!)

She can now sit and she is doing that for food and she is part way to a lie down

I truly believe that traching 'tricks' is a great way to build a bond with a dog and they love working with you and so become better behaived wanting to please you.

She has also realised the sofa is off limits and is not trying to get up, she is smart as anything and is seeming to like being given rules.

A big thankyou again to everyone who has helped. The loan of the extra large crate has been a lifesaver, and all the bedding and toys.

Please tell all your dogy friends. We still need a little more cash to get her microchipped and to give a little back to help the poor doggies still stuck in the Irish pounds

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mias here

Well I picked up Mia today

She is a lot more confident and loving than I expected and in the main her and Ben are getting along OK, we are taking it slow and she is crated for quite a while (in a huge crate) for them to get used to him

Strange thing is she has already started guarding me and we have had a couple of scuffles (my fault) over me - I just separate and time out both dogs - her in her crate

She is a lovely little thing, v thin but sweet

She seems to be toilet trained but does not appear to have any commands, but she is keen and loves food
Thankyou all for your suport so far
If you would like to help out with this wee doggie please visit my shop or you can donate direct via paypal at pamduthie @
Please tell your dog loving friends

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mia the rescue dog

I had no intention of getting another dog but this little girls face just said 'help me'
She was in a pound in Ireland that puts dogs to sleep after 5 days
I offered to foster her and a local charity were able to pull her to saftey and are working on getting her over here.
So now I am trying to think of ways to fundraise for her to get her medical treatment and to help the charity that is going to all the expense of getting her here.
One thing I am doing is a listing on my etsy for her

the idea is everyone who buys gets a 'thankyou' foto and then are entered into a draw to win a cusom fuzzy of their pet
If you would like to donate direct I have a paypal account pamduthie @ hotmail . com (remove the spaces)

Please tell everyone you know!! and if you have any more ideas for fundraising please let me know.
She is only 6 months old and deserves a better life than she has had up till now

She should be getting here monday or tuesday so I will keep her progress updated on here

Friday, 17 October 2008

Fridays feature - ewesyourimagination

Todays friday feature is

From today onwards the friday featured NFEST artists will be cross posted in the NFEST blog.

Any NFEST artist wishing to participate please post in this thread

What got you started needle felting?
I helped during the shearing of a local Shetland ranch, and was generously given a LOT of free wool, so I bought some needles and stabbed away!

How long have you been needle felting?
Only since March of 2008...I've come a long way and get better every time I poke!

Describe your style of work
Most of my things have oddly turned out sorta cutesy....that's odd because I'm more of a creepy, weird minded person when I start out on something. I've also just discovered how much fun wool "paintings" can be.

How do you promote your items?
I chat as much as possible on Etsy, in the forums, labs, and chat rooms. Then here on the forum, Flickr gets a lot of views, and I started a blog for fun! I just listed some specials on IndiePublic's Gift Guide too. Also, there are going to be NFEST members who will all hold a shop sale on the same November weekend which will be promoted in various ways.

What/who inspires you?
The huge pile of wool and my husband saying "Thats an awful lot of wool." Well, that inspires me to keep at it, but I have a wild imagination anyway to come up with most of my things.

Can you remember what the 1st thing you made was?
A very primitive looking sheep. Then immediately a grizzly bear that looked waaay better!

What are you working on right now?
A very creepy macabre vase, black and white with crimson red locks. I wet felted the main vase, and have needled "faces" into places. Creepy.

If you could only save one of your items from a fire which one would it be?
Yikes. We just installed a small woodstove, so I better really think on this one. Well, it would have to be my "Harvest HoneyMOONers" painting, and the "Crimson Passages" (they only count as one, cause they're stored together right now

Monday, 13 October 2008

A fun way to do your bit for charity

I havent blogged about the charity for a while so I though I would add a wee peice here.

BACCAS (bowel and colon cancer awwarenss) was set up following the death of my father Dr Rev George Duthie.

As dad made us promise not to run races and things for him we thought the best way to fundraise was to hold cocktail parties - something he loved to host

Our aim is for people to have parties all over the world.

Many people have had parties and had great fun doing so. It can be as big or small as you like, just a few people in yourhouse with a few drinks and nibbles, a small collection for the charity (if you get in touch I can give you badges to sell and ideas for cocktails) and just take a moment to remember that in the UK every 15 mins one person is diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and every 30 mins someone dies of it!

Remember the people who cant be there and celibrate people who are, raise a glass and say

'Bottoms up for BACCAS'

This blog post is part of Zemanta's "Blogging For a Cause" campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday dog agility

I have been very bad at my agility updates!!

At the moment we are on the countdown till Bens 1st real show - about a month away!!

I finally got my finger out and got him measured - good news - he is a medium dog!! that means he has been training at full height for a few months now and we dont have to work at getting him to jump higher.

He is doing really well at most thing, weaves were really good tonight - getting a bit of speed there!

But he is scared of the see saw!!! he does not like things to move under his feet and he does not like the bang as it tips back.

So although in the main he was really fab in class everyone else had quite a giggle when he ducked under my arm and kept about 3 feet away from me barking and spinning - then as an extra avoidance tactic he squatted and did a poo - in class!! But I had roast ham with me so I won in the end.

I think a few more weeks and he will have calmed down on the see saw (fingers crossed)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

and again!!!

What a great sunday this is turning out for me. I ignore my computer and have a day off and when I check back I am in 2 treasuries!!
Thankyou to

for including my pink bear in this super cute treasury

Another treasury!!

Thankyou so much to

Who has included my little white silk puppy and ball in her treasury

Please if you like this can you go and click and comment on the treasury. The more clicks it gets the hotter the treasury and that helps all the needle felters featured

Friday, 3 October 2008

Fridays feature, NearlyNoodle

Todays friday feature is

From today onwards the friday featured NFEST artists will be cross posted in the NFEST blog.

Any NFEST artist wishing to participate please post in this thread

What got you started needle felting?
My friend and business partner Geri Williams

How long have you been needle felting?
15 months

Describe your style of work
Somewhat realistic

How do you promote your items?

What/who inspires you?
My three whippets

Can you remember what the 1st thing you made was?
A whippet

What are you working on right now?
A horse

If you could only save one of your items from a fire which one would it be?
A moose that I made

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Scottish red Fox

As I said before the other week we were over in Argyle for a friends wedding.
It is such a lovely drive over there, all the lochs and big scenery that we ended up listening to Big Country and Scotcha as we drove.
Then once we had just left Lochgilped and headed out on the 15 miles of single track road we saw a car stopped in the middle of the road.

I slowly approached and saw that there was a fox standing at the side of her car.
She saw us and moved into a nearby passing place. But I decided to pull up next to the fox and see what it did.
It actually trotted right up to my window
While I was grabbing the camera it sat down and just looked exactly like Ben when he is waiting for a treat and when I started taking fotos it actually jumped up on its hind legs, paws on the car and stuck its head in the window!!

Because Ben was there I didnt pat it (although I was tempted) but we did give it some dog treats.
It was so friendly and healthy looking that I assume that it was hand reared
It really made the drive up there special and I couldnt stop talking about our brush with wildlife.


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