Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mias here

Well I picked up Mia today

She is a lot more confident and loving than I expected and in the main her and Ben are getting along OK, we are taking it slow and she is crated for quite a while (in a huge crate) for them to get used to him

Strange thing is she has already started guarding me and we have had a couple of scuffles (my fault) over me - I just separate and time out both dogs - her in her crate

She is a lovely little thing, v thin but sweet

She seems to be toilet trained but does not appear to have any commands, but she is keen and loves food
Thankyou all for your suport so far
If you would like to help out with this wee doggie please visit my shop or you can donate direct via paypal at pamduthie @ hotmail.com
Please tell your dog loving friends


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