Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mia, the foster dog, the end of the 2nd day

Well the little miss is settling in quite well

Inside we had a couple of scuffles this morning but the guilty party was given time out (the naughty step) and they are becoming much calmer together - we had a good couple of hours with the 2 just sleeping and chilling out without even a strong look at each other.

On walks she is loving everyone, and she quite likes small dogs. If the dog is bigger then her she can be a bit growley and snappy untill they have been introduced then she is all puppy like and wanting to play (tangled us all up in her lead!)

She can now sit and she is doing that for food and she is part way to a lie down

I truly believe that traching 'tricks' is a great way to build a bond with a dog and they love working with you and so become better behaived wanting to please you.

She has also realised the sofa is off limits and is not trying to get up, she is smart as anything and is seeming to like being given rules.

A big thankyou again to everyone who has helped. The loan of the extra large crate has been a lifesaver, and all the bedding and toys.

Please tell all your dogy friends. We still need a little more cash to get her microchipped and to give a little back to help the poor doggies still stuck in the Irish pounds


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