Sunday, 6 November 2016

Devil Horns agility courses

OK so Im a big kid, I know that
Here are a couple of agility courses that I made for Halloween in the shape of devil horns
As ever space everything out to suit yourself, closer or further away makes for different challanges

 Course 1
The main challenges here were actually that the A frame was still up between the horns so running 7 to 8 this often drove the dogs to the A frame and it ran better if you layered that section staying behind 5.
This also gave options for 8 to 9 depending on how fast the dogs/handler is, a front/blind cross on landing of 8 gave a nice line for 9 10 11 but not everyone could get there in time so you needed a good drive on to 10 while reading a rear cross so the dog could be turning to 11 without the handler needing to get past 9 was the best
12 13 14 needed the handler to remain fairly still to not push the dog out to the off course 9

Here are Fly and Tilly having a go at this

Course 2
Lots of options if you wanted to front cross, blind cross or rear cross, or a mixture of them all

Hope you have fun on these devilish courses! If you try them please send a video, I would love to see them


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