Friday, 27 May 2011

LoLaBuLand Drumming challange

If you havent been over there already you should really check out for some amazing agility and tricks training.
She is running a competition just now so we decided to try entering

For it I had to teach the dogs to drum and then post a video and the one with the most likes wins one of her amazing training videos

So please please please go over here
and if you like it 'like' it for me :)

Mia quite likes this trick - it involves her stamping her feet and being rude!!
Ben - hmm well we are working on it - he is so polite :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The secret is out

Following on from my shhhh post - Pat was almost correct!

In my street there are three of us who train our dogs at agility, and of course we chat to all the other dog walkers while we are out and about.
Lots of people have expressed interest in teaching their dogs agility and we have given them the contact details of the clubs and classes in the area - but people have been coming back to us and saying the classes are all full.

So we decided to start our own dog agility training club The Phoenix Flyers for Paisley, Renfrewshire and the surrounding area
The support we have got from this venture has been amazing. We have already got and refurbished a set of agility equipment, a local business has given us access to a secure field to train on and a unit to store the equipment and another local business has offered to cut the grass and keep the field in tip top condition

and we have actually started getting interest from the website even tho I havent even launched it properly yet
So here it it :)
Please click to see The Phoenix Flyers dog agility training club We are still building it just now so bear with us :) but feedback would be welcome

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Another crazy challenge for me

A lynx

I have always loved these small big cats with their tufty ears

I decided no to leave loose fibers but to felt them solid more like a 3d cartoon

Not sure if it comes across in the photographs but as I was making him I kinda thought he looked like a cross between the pet from the cartoon thundercats and a kind of Manga sidekick

Why oh why do I keep going for the spotty ones? All those tiny spots have to be felted in individually - but I think it was worth it

Friday, 20 May 2011


Tiger in the grass :)

We had a whole day of sun so I could do a photoshoot outside

I havent made a tiger for a while so thought I would have another go

The stripes took FOREVER but I am quite happy with how he turned out

For a change I used lovely green glass eyes - they were not easy to line up so he didnt look crosseyed!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mias new trick

Just started a new trick for the dogs

Mia is really getting the hang of it - wrapping her paws around the pole. She can do left paw, right paw or even both paws

I haven't got any of it on verbal command yet but it is very cute

Bless Ben!!
He hasn't quite got it yet!

It took quite a while of getting him used to the pole for me to even get him to be anywhere close to the pole - which is interesting because if we are weaving or circling the pole Ben gets overexcited and headbuts the thing

So far he has got the idea that I want something to do with his paws, but it just makes no sense to him (check the face out)

I know I know - dogs should not play with sticks

But I didn't have the heart to tell Mia

I had a whole sackful of toys with me, even a ball with REAL rabbit skin stitched onto the end like a tail

But no the lady doesn't like any of them

and she was so happy with her stick!


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