Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The secret is out

Following on from my shhhh post - Pat was almost correct!

In my street there are three of us who train our dogs at agility, and of course we chat to all the other dog walkers while we are out and about.
Lots of people have expressed interest in teaching their dogs agility and we have given them the contact details of the clubs and classes in the area - but people have been coming back to us and saying the classes are all full.

So we decided to start our own dog agility training club The Phoenix Flyers for Paisley, Renfrewshire and the surrounding area
The support we have got from this venture has been amazing. We have already got and refurbished a set of agility equipment, a local business has given us access to a secure field to train on and a unit to store the equipment and another local business has offered to cut the grass and keep the field in tip top condition

and we have actually started getting interest from the website even tho I havent even launched it properly yet
So here it it :)
Please click to see The Phoenix Flyers dog agility training club We are still building it just now so bear with us :) but feedback would be welcome


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