Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday dog agility

I have been very bad at my agility updates!!

At the moment we are on the countdown till Bens 1st real show - about a month away!!

I finally got my finger out and got him measured - good news - he is a medium dog!! that means he has been training at full height for a few months now and we dont have to work at getting him to jump higher.

He is doing really well at most thing, weaves were really good tonight - getting a bit of speed there!

But he is scared of the see saw!!! he does not like things to move under his feet and he does not like the bang as it tips back.

So although in the main he was really fab in class everyone else had quite a giggle when he ducked under my arm and kept about 3 feet away from me barking and spinning - then as an extra avoidance tactic he squatted and did a poo - in class!! But I had roast ham with me so I won in the end.

I think a few more weeks and he will have calmed down on the see saw (fingers crossed)


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