Friday, 11 January 2019

How to rank on Etsy SEO QUICK!

Etsy has quietly given us a fantastic new resource

The 'Search Analytics Beta' Which is in your shop manager oddly enough under Marketing

and this already tells us something about it. Why is it not under stats??

There is LOTS of data here but the one thing that really got me thinking was the 'position' info - well that combined with the 'impressions'

What are Impressions on Etsy?
Every time someone searches for something on Etsy they get a page with a load of listings to choose from
If your item is on that page, regardless of if it is clicked on then that is an impression

And why is this number powerful?  It is telling you that that is a search term that customers are really searching for
There really is traffic for that term
So the terms (or search query as Etsy calls it) with high number of impressions is a good term that your item already ranks for
This could be a keyword you haddnt even thought of in your research but Etsy is letting us know its a really good term
And this might not have shown up in your stats because its possible that people didnt click on your listing - not because its a bad listing but because it was so low down on the page that they just didnt notice it

You really want your listing to be in the top 20 or better for people to really have a chance to notice you

So you want to find a term that has a high number of impressions (lots of people are searching) that you are ranking fairly well for, but not top 20 (this means you have the chance of ranking better)

If the listing really isnt driving sales then just change all your data and focus in on your keyword

If it is driving lots of views and sales then you want to either adapt your listing while keeping ranking for the other terms that were doing well - or create another listing that totally focuses in on this keyword you just found

More details are in this video on how to rank on etsy seo quick!! 

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