Friday, 4 January 2008

Talk less

Talk Less

Your dog does not know English so the more words you use the more difficult it will be for him to learn.
Imagine you were in a strange land not knowing the laungage. A person wants to teach you the word to 'sit'
If she says 'sit' when you are about to sit, or when she is sitting down you will fairly quickly figure that word means to sit.

If she says 'sit' when you are just hanging about not thinking about sitting and she keeps yelling it at you you are going to have trouble figuring it out

if she says 'come over here and sit yourself down, right here, right by me' you might figure out the gyst of what she is saying if she is sitting or giving you visual commands, but you are not going to figure out that the word 'sit' is important in all that babbel

Your dog knows how to sit down, your job is to make him want to work for you and to teach him the words for the actions


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