Friday, 25 July 2008

How to needle felt - joining legs to body.

Two of my legs are slightly longer than the others so I choose these to be the back legs.

Each leg is attached one at a time. The fluffy ends are the hip.

Hold these ends onto the body and firmly felt them in place - the firmer you felt at this stage the easer the next steps will be.

Once I attached my back legs I realised that the body was a little short, and also the chest needs to be a little deeper.

I just took a large wad of fleece and added to the front of the body and to the underside where the chest will be.
Firmly felt the front legs onto the body in the same manner as the back legs.

To make the hock joint in the back legs felt a straight line about an inch up the back leg at the front.
This line alows the leg to bend.

Bend the leg and hold it in place and then felt through the hock to stabalise it. Felt all round the joint while holding it in position (WATCH YOUR FINGERS) to strenghten it.
Repeate for the other leg


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