Tuesday, 29 July 2008

How to needlefelt - ears and adding colour

Taking a small strip of grey fleece fold it several times to make a triangle shape

Felt this shape flatly by stabbing it onto the foam pad then picking it up and turning it many times until is is really firm

Add deatails to the ear with a small strip of white in a slight triangle and then some black onto the tip of the ear.
When felting the colours onto the ears take care to only stab into the centre and not take the needle right through the piece else some of the colour will be pulled onto the wrong side.

Felt a line down the centre of the front of the ear like you did with the hock joint then fold the ear into an ear shape - felt to firm.

Place the ears onto the head and choose the best position for them then felt them onto the head.

Add grey wool and some black onto the head and body and carefully felt it in to the areas you want

- taking care not to push the needle right to the other side.

The nose was created with a ball of black fleece and the lip details a few strands of black fleece were twisted to form a cord and carefully felted into place.


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