Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My first video of Ben at agility

We had our agility clubs fun BBQ on Sunday and B was kind enough to film Ben doing one of his runs (twice because we were alowed a joker if you messed a run up)
Unfort these runs are the first ones after the BBQ break and ben was a big bit hyper and I have to admit I might have had a couple of sherries - so not the best run in the world but still nice to see how he is going.
Be kind to me!! :D

Here is the first run, you can see the judge tried to nobble to comp by letting her dog run free - great start line stay by Ben - some dodgy handling by me, weaves and A-frame contacts need a lot of work

his next run i handled the first bit better but then when ii try and calm him for the weave he spots b with the camera and for the first time ever runs off course! weaves look nice when he gets going but after the A frame i am too slow and ben gets a bit jumpy.


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