Saturday, 4 September 2010

September walks

Im still waiting for the summer - but Ben is pointing out that its a bit late for that.

But still it was a lovely autumn day.

The leaves are already begining to turn and everything smells lovely!

Mia was attacked the other day but thankfully not hurt.

As you can see it dosent seem to have effected her mental state too much either - although it was a GSD AGAIN! so I dont know if she will ever like them

She was in the bushes out of sight for about 10s, I set the camera up thinking I would get an action shot of her running - but nope - she was bringing me a little gift!!

I know its natural!! But dosent mean I like it

She left it in a hedge - I make myself feel a little better by imagining the nice free meal we have left for a little fox or something

Ben mainly plodded around with me and tried to get in on all the photos - he knows sweeties follow the camera

Although he looks a whole lot better if he hasnt been driming out of muddy puddles.

Two tired happy dogs


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