Monday, 17 September 2012

Cesar Milan - How not to deal with food guarding

It seems the dog abuser is back for a new series.
I know loads of people love him and will be totaly up in arms with me calling him an abuser - but please take the time to watch

In this clip Cesar confronts Holly, a food agressive dog. He is called in because the family have a new baby and are justifiably concerned.
Cesar right from the start is spoiling for a fight, his crouched position and staring hard eyes are really aggressive to a dog but Holly tries to eat.
He then tries to put his hand in the bowl and she snarls at him.
At this point any decent trainer would have seen all they need to - she guards food an could bite if pushed
But no - Cesar has to push it further. His instant response is a punch/slap to the side of her jaw
(the camera jerks at this point so it is difficult to see if its a punch or one of his hand jabs - but its full force)
Agression leads to agression - causing pain increases adrenaline and makes a dog more likely to want to attack
He advances on Holly, she backs up - she is showing her teeth at him but also backing up and licking her lips - all her trying to comunicate with him that she is uncomfy and feeling trapped.
If she was agressive she wouldnt warn him - but she does - lots - and he keeps pushing her
Eventually she lies down and is turning her head away - she is trying to diffuse the situation. He puts his cupped hand onto her nose - I am not sure if he thinks he is patting her at this point - but she sees it as an attack and responds the only way she knows how - she bites him

Compare this with how another dog trainer deals with a similar dog
Victoria can see the dog is likely to snap and so keeps everyone safe. She teaches the dog that people being close to his bowl is a good thing - there is no showdown, no 'man verses beast' just calm training that anyone can do

Unfortunatly for Holly there is no happy ending. Cesar decides Holly is now to agressive for the family and moves her into his 'pack'

Watching him interact with these dogs is so very sad. The dogs are not well behaived not jumping on him and greeting him - they are frozen stressed statues. Lip licking is very much a sign of stress, as is the fixed 'grins' on the dog
Poor Holly, another dog failed by Cesar, a problem that is fixed daily by many behaviourist and trainers all over the world - in the hands of Cesar this poor girl lost her home and has a bite history on her record


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