Monday, 10 December 2012


Oh I have neglected my blog so badly!! Promise I will try and be better (yeah I know I have said that before) So today a quick little dog training tip


A reward is anything that the dog finds rewarding
If the dog finds it rewarding then they will be more likely to try and do the thing again that caused the reward to happen
The most obvious is food - but of course not all dogs are motivated by food - and not always the same food all the time
Toys and playing are another great reward
A pat on the head works for some dogs at some times as does praise (although I strongly believe that a dog has to learn what praise is by either it being associated with something nice - or (sadly) the end of bad things)

But think outside the box - what does the dog love
I have a friends dog who loves to dig and he sits shaking with excitment waiting to be told he can go dig
Even going to the tiolet can be a reward!! Not that I use that but thats how it works out. My dogs pull on the lead to get to a good place to go to the loo
As I didnt want to restrict their toiliting I let them pull on the lead
So of course this was reforced by them getting to go to the loo
and now my dogs are trained to pull on the lead to go to the loo!!


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