Thursday, 22 January 2015


Great news this month was MSP's in Hollyrood were talking again about banning shock collars in Scotland
Check out the debate here, it is really good with lots of surprisingly great information

A load of Scottish, UK and worldwide Behaviourists, Trainings, owners and dog lovers are getting together behind the idea of banning these devices in Scotland and then hopefully all over the world
Search for them all under #BanTheShock. Share, like, comment and make your own videos, tweets and blog posts

HERE is the video that started all of this off

and here is my submission

Here is a link to the Defra study on shock collars and some discussion about it. There are lots of evidence to show that training with punishments, especially E collars causes dogs stress and is no more effective than other positive ways to train. Many people do not know this and think the shock collars are the only way to help their dogs with some issues, the only way to save their lives

This is simply not true, punishments (which is what e collar training is) is just the other side of behaviour modification from reinforcement - if a dog (or any other living thinking being) can learn with punishments then they can also learn with rewards/reinforcment - and punishing can have negative side effects

If you have issues with your dog please consider seeing a good positive, force free trainer or behaviourist - or even look at some of the wonderful support out there on youtube channels like Kikopup

Please join in and support #bantheshock


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