Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Etsy Tips Wednesday. SEO Tip of the day

For a while I was running some tips on the Etsy forum and I was asked to share them here so I will run a feature on Wednesdays sharing my tips on Etsy, things I have found over the years I have been on Etsy
Of course I am not an expert and what works for me wont work for everyone

Just sharing what I did yesterday - hopefully it inspires someone

I picked a new term for my items that I have not worked on yet
I searched on tools4etsy and saw I had ONE item on page 14 for that term 

not good enough

So a little tweak of that listing and one other, rearanging the title and making sure the tags were spot on

Checked today and Im page 2 and page 3

So tonight I will promote it on facebook and try and add some links - and fingers crossed for page one tomorrow :)


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