Monday, 16 May 2016

Old Mill Dog agility course May 10th 2016

Here is this last weeks course at old mill
It was based on several smaller courses from the Clear Run agility sourcebook. The contact equipment was on the field anyway but made a really great distraction training for some of the dogs

This was firstly done in 3 sections. 1-7, 8-14 and 15 to 21. 8-14 is the most difficult section and then running the full course 7, 8, 9 and 10 become even more tricky 

Several ways to run this one of course based on dog and handler. 
1-6 on the right hand with a flick into 7
Most people pulled through from 7 to 8 staying on the takeoff side of 8 with the dog on the left hand (although racing to exit of 7 and pushing over 8 staying on the landing side keeping dog on right hand 8 - 9 also worked well) 
Front or rear cross between 8 and 9, push to backside of 10 then front cross to 11
360 post turn or ass pass on 11 to weaves on left hand
Flick dog to 14 staying on takeoff side of 13
Front or blind cross to 15 then front cross or flick to tunnel 
Right hand to end 

One of the main challenges on this course is simply remembering it, its actually easier to remember courses if there are more jumps so you are not using the same jump again and again

Here is the lovely Fly, a novice dog having a go at the course 


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