Monday, 24 October 2016

October 2016 Dog agility course at Old Mill

This was quite a fun little course that provided quite a few eye rolls from people when walking it but lots of smiles when running

The first challenge is sending to the backside of the tunnel for 3, if a dog hasnt seen this before then they can become quite confused. It takes about 5 min to train for this sending the dog to the tunnel on your right hand from 5 and then moving a step clockwise round the mouth of the tunnel till they will send from 2.

Getting to 4 only caused problems for a few dogs who read the motion of their handlers as a signal to take 7 but a slight pause in running, a close command or a serp arm all fixed that issue.
Left hand 5 and send to 6, front, blind or rear cross at 7 to turn left to 8
9 left a few options depending on the dog and the handler
The simplest approach was to keep the dog on the right hand, push round 9 and 360 keep turning with the dog on the right hand - or more advanced ass pass there

Or with the dog on the right hand stay on the landing side of 9, push the dog round the jump and serp them in then push out to 10

Or get to the takeoff side of 9, send the dog right over 9 and pick up on right hand

For 11 depending on the spacing just make sure and get a nice line so the dog is straight onto the A frame

12 to the tunnel depends on the dogs verbal commands, some dogs when they heard 'tunnel' ignored everything else almost tripping the handler to get into the wrong side of the tunnel because that had caught their eye, in that case running out as if you were heading to 7 and only turning towards the tunnel once you were past the wrong side was the safest - but better to teach a 'out tunnel'
Right turn over 14 gave best line

On left hand for 15 to 18 - extra bonus points to layer off course 9
Similar issues to 19 as from 13
and send to 20

I didnt record anyone doing this this week but if you give it a go I would love to see your videos


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