Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Featured shop, BeaulyBen

Just thought I would big up this Etsy shop BeaulyBen

She is my mum :D
She has been on Etsy for a wee while now but still waiting for that elusive first sale.

She has just started making dressy hair clips, fascinators and bobbles at totaly bargain prices, I think they look fab!

Also (she is very crafty) Fabby knitwear and lovely original encaustic art

Encaustic art is the process of heating vividly coloured wax blocks and applying them to the surface with an iron, heated stylus or an air gun. It is a really fun way to create totaly original works of art.
The process involves taking vividly coloured blocks of wax and heating them and applying them to the surface with either an iron, heated stylus or an air gun. The striking images produced really let the imagination run riot as the more you look the more you will see - like looking for images in clouds.
And the beauty of it is if you dont like what you have made just run the iron over again and something different appears.
We have both also been working on our website, thankyou all for your kind words so far. Any suggestions as to how we can improve this are welcome.


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