Friday, 15 May 2009

Mia again

Just a quickie - realised I havent really updated Mia for a while.

On Wed there her agility class moved, we were now OUTSIDE in a public park with 6 dogs she does not know.

and she did waaaay better than I expected.

She barked a little as the new dogs came to class but settled quickly and once class started she was pretty well focused and only showed her teeth to a dog who came up to her when I was giving her a treat for being good - Ben would have done the same, and agian it wasnt totaly reactive and she calmed down.

She even dod some offlead work quite well - 2 zoomies but didnt go more than about 15m away - so really no worse than in the barn!

What a wee star!!

Of course its not all perfect, Mia and Ben had a little fight today - think Ben actually started it - but anyway thats the first fight this year - I have to focus on that and the fact we used to have fights several times a week. Gave them both a time out and they were kissing again - no grudges


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