Thursday, 1 October 2009

Mia day 2

Well today we were back to the vets.

Mia was an angel, alert enough that she barked at new dogs when they came in but turned her attention to me quickly when I asked her to look at me. She has also worked out her own little version of 'look at that dog' game where she was sitting nicely facing me, had a wee look over her shoulder and a 'wuff' at the other dog then looked back to me for her treat. What a clever girl, at least its a nice 'wuff' and she was calm and happy.

With the vet she was great too, let the lady do anything - although she did give me a look when getting her temperature taken.

We discovered another puncture on her back so the vet clipped some of the fur away, its quite big but looks clean at the moment.

Her tooth does need to come out - you can kinda see in one of the fotos how it makes her lip curl up in a sneer. But she has to wait till next Friday to see how the puncture wounds are healing up.

Poor girl, little lead walks, soft food, no playing with Ben and antibiotics for a week but she is enjoying all the fuss


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