Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Poor Mia

Sorry facebook friends cos this will come up twice.

Poor Mia had a bit of a bad day today. Lucy is a friend of Bens but a nervous reactive dog too.
We have been working hard for months so that they can be in the same park as each other, Ben can play and I can talk to Lucys owner.
Today Mia was being so good, not a sound when Lucy came up - Lucy off lead Mia on. Another dog Storm (who Mia loves) was with us too, both Lucy and Storm had their balls and were playing with them.
Mia stopped to have a sniff at something and Storm came up behind her to see what she was sniffing at. Mia was startled with him coming up behind (and possibly worried it was Lucy) so she turned and snapped at him. He is a total gent and she realised who it was so both pulled back (without any contact) and all would be fine
Except Lucy saw a threat to Storm and lanched herself at Mia. Mia was pinned to the floor screaming. Thankfully Storms owner got Lucy off her but there was blood gushing from Mias mouth and she was limping badly.
I didnt even wait to look her over just phoned the vet and got right down there.
Mia was so shellshocked she hardly even grumbled at a waiting room of several dogs.
Then let the vet look her all over and give her injections and she didnt bother at all.
Turns our she has some puncture wounds in her shoulder and her bottom canine tooth has been knocked out of position - it is now poking out making her lip stick on it.
Vet thinks they will need to operate to remove the tooth! But they dont want to do that right away cos they want her leg to heal a bit first.
Poor darling, she is cuddled right up to me.


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