Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Agility training contest

First time I have done anything like this - so I am a little nervous and excited
Please be gentle with me
This compatition is to raise money for Phoenix Flyers Dog agility club (a non profit training club) and Dogs Trust.
And the prize is your choice of breed of a small simple felted dog as seen in my 'value' range in my shop

Entries are open to Club members, Beginners and worldwide and are £1 per dog
You can join at any time while the contest is open (Up till Midnight 31st July 2012)
Either enter in person or paypal leaving a message with the name of your dog

Submit your compleated entry at any time during the month - either as a video response to my video

 Or to be filmed at training :) or post a link to your video as a response to this blog post.

The compatition is agility flat/circle work exercises. There are lots of training tutorials for this on youtube - check out


You get points for each level and the dog with the most points by the end of the month wins

Level 1
Walking with dog on left                           1 point
Walking with dog on right                         1 point

Level 2
Walking anticlockwise - dog on outside    1 point
Walking clockwise - dog on outside         1 point
Walking anticlockwise - dog on inside      2 points
Walking anticlockwise - dog on inside      2 points

Level 3
Running with dog on left                          1 point
Running with dog on right                        1 point
Running Clockwise dog outside               2 points
Running anticlockwise Dog outside          2 points
Running clockwise dog inside                  3 points
Running anticlockwise dog inside             3 points

Level 4
Walking front cross LHS to RHS             3 points
Walking front cross RHS to LHS             3 points

Level 5
Running front cross LHS to RHS             4 points
Running front cross RHS to LHS             4 points

Total of 34 available points - and my decision is final :)

Good luck, I cant wait to see how everyone gets on


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