Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lifes a Beach

 I know you all havent seen the dogs in a wee while. We have actually had some days that are almost like summer here in rainy Scotland so I have had my two to the beach a few times.
Here is Erskine Beach

and Mia met some GIANT dogs. This Great Dane was so polite and friendly after Mia being a little unsure she even had a little play with her
 Then she met these lovely big dogs without so much as a curled lip

What a good girl, and nice to meet such lovely friendly dogs
 Mia was even confident enough to bum sniff with this little terrier

Not all days are good days with dogs but offlead at the beach you really wouldnt know she isnt a normal balanced friendly dog
 Of course once all the other dogs were gone Mia just had to have a game of 'beat Ben up'

which he does love - even tho he pretends otherwise
 And swimming, Mia LOVES to swim
and even a little posing

Just so long as I have chicken then the guys will look pretty for the camera

(honestly I am training stays!)


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