Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Etsy Tip of the day - Find Your Target Market

Find your target market
Pre SEO Etsy this was the number on tip on here - but lately people seem to focus on SEO (which is totally fab and useful) this isnt instead of SEO but a little different thing you can do

For example one target marked for me can be dog lovers (amongst other things of course) 
For me this is a great one to pick because I AM my target market because I am also a dog lover
So I can hang out in places where other dog lovers go, make friends with other dog lovers and talk about dogs - and it is not forced it is not 'work' it is something I genuinely enjoy 
And every now and again I can mention my fuzzies. Not spamming people all the time, not hanging round with them just so I can use them for free advertising

Basically if you make what you love then hopefully you have interests with the other people who would love what you make but cant do it themselves and this drives some extra traffic for you, this gives you people who might like to tweet and share your items to other people who might be in your target market

and you are hanging around with people you like anyways, reading forums that are of interest to you and following pinners and tweeters who interest you

Some people asked if I include links to my other tips (thank you, too kind) so here are the ones I could find


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