Friday, 24 February 2017

Dog Walking In Scotland. Gleniffer Braes. 23rd Feb 2014. Hurricane Doris aftermath

So yesterday we had Hurricane Doris

Thankfully she was fairly calm with us and I actually had to go up into the hills (braes) to get to play in some snow.
This walk is from the carpark by the pylons at the Gleniffer Braes just outside Paisley

It is only about 1.5 miles but today it was a really tough workout as the ground was muddy under them melting snow.
At the most westerly side of this walk it is often pretty boggy underfoot anyway

The views are stunning as they are all over the Gleniffer Braes

Excuse the shaky video, I was trying hard not to fall over! Some of the walk - and some of my nutter dogs enjoying the snow with zoomies and snow dog angels

As you can see - stunning views around every corner
I will be back in better (different) weather for more photos

But today I very much needed my waterproof trousers! Click the image to see them in amazon 


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