Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Etsy Tips - Etsy Rank - Help with SEO

Have you ever though changing all your tags and titles for better SEO is a massive task??

Do you want a quick easy way to see the problems with your listing and change them?

Are you a swat and like to get graded?

EtsyRank (not sponsored :) ) could be the perfect tool for you

Check out my video taking you through some of the features of EtsyRank

Check your shop has links to all your social media
Make sure your announcements and policies are up to date 
See if you are using all your tags and  photographs
Check your key tags are featured in your titles and descriptions
Spot spelling and grammar mistakes
See how much competition your tags have
See alternatives for your tags
See where your item ranks on Etsy for your tags

All this in one website - its pretty amazing  - check it out


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