Saturday, 13 January 2018

The Etsy SEO secret. How to rank in the etsy search

I wanted to share one of my big secret tips that noone seems to talk about but that I am going to be using lots going forwards on my Etsy SEO advice tips

It is a super secret way to rank anything on Etsy, the more competitive the term the more you will have to do this but it is not impossible to rank

It makes use of the fact that search engines take into account the other pages on your website - so the other pages in your shop

Have you noticed something in common with lots of the shops that are on the front of massive searches?
They tend to be super specific shops
So the top shops for wedding stationary tend to be shops that sell mainly lots of wedding stationary

They are not shops that sell wedding stationary and sweeties and knitted hats

There are other reasons as well as to why this is a great thing for them but one big thing is this

When google or Etsy is asked to look for wedding stationary it can see the whole shop
A shop that has sold lots of wedding stationary, that has lots of listings for wedding stationary, thats reviews, shop description and updates have mentions of wedding stationary, that have listings for wedding stationary linking to other listings for wedding stationary, that have sections for wedding stationary
compared to a shop that has LOTS of different things

If you were a search engine and you had to offer a searcher a shop that they would be more likely to purchase out of which one would you pick to show the searcher?

The shop that has lots of similar items give a buyer lots of options, they give the feeling that a shop is an expert in that field

Simply put - if you have lots of similar items they will give your shop authority for that thing and make it more likely that one of your items will be on the front page


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