Thursday, 4 September 2008

Bens moved up to the big boys class

I also thought about titling this post 'Be careful what you wish for' because after me worrying about the wee boys speed (or lack of it) he has picked up a bit of speed and is working better away from me
Problem is with speed comes mistakes

Waiting on class to start I did the weaves twice, perfect and fast
then in class we did the tyre jump to weaves and he was going to fast and missed the 1st weave
Carol told me to recal him facing him so he didint speed onto the weave and that worked
He did some great turns at quite a distance from me and we managed some pretty cool front crosses but when I tried to cross behind when he was on the A-frame he turned and headed back! have to work on that. I think a big part of it was I didnt expect him to get it right so I hesitated - then he didnt get it right

Really glad tho that both Ben and Darwin really held their own and didnt look too inexperienced in the big boys class
Everyone has different problems


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