Friday, 12 September 2008

Fridays feature - needle felting - Fufukitty

Finally I have got round to post the friday feature

Today is Fufukitty

What got you started needle felting?

I bought a felting kit on a whim when my favorite fabric store was going out of business and everything was 75% off. After that the kit sat around a long time until one of my good friends had a need for a hair clip that she couldn't buy in a store. She pitched it to me and 24 hours later I was a felter. How long have you been needle felting? Less than a year. Since Feb 2008. Describe your style of work:

I work flat mainly. I think of needle felting a lot like drawing. My pieces have some dimension, but not a lot. I use a lot of color, mixing and blending to create nature-inspired flowers.

How do you promote your items?

I promote on Etsy; web promos. I have a mailing list for shoppers who would like to receive emails about the store. I consign locally in Iowa City, and have received great word-of-mouth promotion from folks.

What/who inspires you?

My grandmother tended her garden as a memorial to my grandfather (whom I never met). I have fond memories of her flower beds; the sun on my face, and warm, sweet smells. She grew all varieties of things. She took the time to teach me all the names of the flowers in her garden. Grannie let me pick flowers, but I had a daily limit.

Can you remember what the 1st thing you made was?

Sure. A small white flower with a turquoise center, sewn to a baby hair clip.

What are you working on right now?

Stocking up for the holidays. I just finished an acorn and oak leaf broach.

If you could only save one of your items from a fire which one would it be?

Aw - none. I love them all, but I love them most as I am working on them. Once they are finished I feel I have to let them go out into the world. I'd be heading into a fire to save my daughter and my dogs. There will always be more wool.


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