Sunday, 7 September 2008

My diet

Ok so the personal bit!
Not sure about putting this in a public area but it will hopefully give me the boot up the backside to continue
I have had a pretty bad few years loosing my Grandad, dad and job and other personal problems, so becoming a driving instructor and sitting down all day really helped pile the pounds on
I figure I needed to loose about 4 stone. Been trying off and on for a while, loose a pound, gain 3 and so on.
Then I thought about the diet Ben was on. I have recearched loads and Ben is on a species appropriet diet - I feed him what he evolved to eat

I thought what is a species appropriate diet for humans?? Meat nuts fruit and veg - and I am having dairy too
So in 2 weeks thats me lost 1 stone 1 pound and I am full of energy!!
Yeah!! hope it continues!!


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