Sunday, 23 November 2008

Been a while - more Mia

I have been really bad at blogging latley, V busy with the dogs - so sorry about that

So here is an update on her progress so far.

Mia has been settling in quite well, she has made a few doggie friends and is much more relaxed with Ben. She is still a bit loud on the lead when she sees other dogs but mainly it is just wanting to get over and see them. Unfort most dog owners think she is being agressive. She really does NOT like GSD's and some large breeds (you know how to pick your fights girl!)

I have been taking her to training classes and she is getting quite good at working and ignoring the other dogs, although when they get too close she can get a little snappy.

So far she has learnt (not 100% but a good start) sit, lie down, come, leave it, circle right, paw and heel. She has also been introduced to the tunnel and weaves - just so she isnot scared of them - I wouldnt drill weaves just now (or ever) as she is young.

I decided to mix up the basic obedience with more luring and moving type tricks because she is so smart she was sitting automatically every time I tried to train her.

She has for this week been alowed on the sofa and she is really turning into a total teady bear just wanting to sit right on your lap.

She is getting a little less bossy with Ben, instead of forcing him out of the way with agression she kisses him away - which is cute but will also have to stop too - If she had her own way she would get all the loving and Ben would be stuck out in the cold.

I have figured she used to live in a house with a doorbell as there is an advert on TV with a doorbell and poor wee love keeps running to the door!
Everyone who has helped

Thankyou so much, she is really comming out of her shell and turning into a great little dog. She still needs some work for her fear agression and reactivity but I am sure we will get there


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