Saturday, 29 November 2008

What about Ben??

I was holding off posting this because I was waiting to get the fotos and videos off other people (I was to busy running to take fotos)
Two weeks ago today was Bens first ever agility compatition
To say the least I was vvv nerous!!
We ran 4 courses

1st one
My nerves and Ben being a bit high as a kite resulted in a messy round with lots of twirling, but a clear round
2nd run
A little better, slow and not to confident but a nice clear round

3rd run
Really much better, slow and steady but another clear round - then the results came out

WE WON!! what a smart little boy! and as that was the agility grade 1 run it also means that we have gone straight up to grade 2 in our first ever comp!! what a wee star!!

4th run
Nerves gone and Ben is flying, difficult course but we are going really fast

Unfort we are bot a little tired and Ben knocks a pole down and I move to fast away from the tunnel and he pops out - so faulted twice - but in my mind the best run of the day

What a fantastic little boy!! I look forward to more shows next year!


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