Friday, 7 November 2008

Some videos of Mia and Ben having a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine at Pollock park

She has had many new adventures this week. A few house visits, a bus ride, meeting all the dog agility people and a whole woodland walk offlead
She still has some problems with recal and guarding Ben from things and she is a bit manic barky growley at new dogs then leaps all over them when they get close

But she is smart and learning new stuff all the time - and megga sweet

Please tell your friends to drop by this blog or my shop and either buy a raffle ticket to help this little dog and all the others in need or donate direct with paypal to pamduthie @ hotmail . com (remove spaces)

Thankyou to everyone who has helped so far, Mia is doing really well but every week there are more and more abandoned dogs in Ireland who need the help of all these amazing people to save them


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