Thursday, 29 January 2009

Back again and Mia has found fame

Sorry it has been so long!!
After Mia eating my camera my computer decided to die - just at the end of the tax year!!
So now I am up and running with a new camera and a (hopefully) happier computer

Our little Mia has found fame!! Origonal article here

A Scottish woman ended up taking care of a Louth dog that was saved by Dundalk Dog
Mia, a collie, was found stray in Drogheda in October and thanks to
the links that Ann Moore's Dundalk rescue charity has around Ireland and the UK,
there is a happy ending to this 'tail'.
The dog has been fostered by
kind-hearted Paisley woman Pamela Duthie, who fell in love with the tricoloured
collie and has even included her in an online dog blog.
Now Pamela is
calling for all dog lovers in Dundalk to support Ann's charity.
Pamela, a
driving instructor, told the Argus how she ended up taking Mia in. She said:
'The agility club I train with have contact with Ann at Dundalk Dog Rescue.
'We often run auctions to raise money to help them and to make it more real
they pick a dog that needs saved for us to raise money for.
'Mia's face came
up on the forum and I just couldn't get her sad eyes out of my head. She looks
so much like my own little dog Ben.
'I was not really ready to become a two
dog household but I offered that if she needed a foster home then I would take
her in.'
The Scottish woman wants to highlight the remarkable work of
Dundalk Dog Rescue.
She said: 'Dundalk has a huge problem with stray and
abandoned dogs, these are lovely animals who deserve a chance to know a loving
'I would say if you are going to get a dog then rescuing is the best
way to go. It is possible to get a puppy from a rescue and you can do anything
with a rescue dog that you could with any other dog; many just make loving
And the dog blog is attracting plenty of
attention. Pam said: 'I actually started the blog to talk about my craft work
and to follow my dog Ben as he took his first steps in agility.
'People have
taken an interest in Mia's story and asked for ways to donate to help her and
dogs like her.'
For more information on Dundalk Dog Rescue go to www.
freewebs. com/ dundalkdogs
- Anne Campbell


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