Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Mia, one step forward, one back

Funny that I just posted yesterday about no dog being bad and then went downstairs to find Mia had chewed off the on/off button from my camera - so no fotos today.

In some ways she is getting so much better. She sat nicely while some people walked by and ran up to friends and when I called 'dont jump' with no hope of her listning she sat nicely by them for a fuss
Of course they at once said 'Oh hun, I have no treats for you' why do people think all dogs want is food when really they want your attention.
She was even fairly calm when the big GSD was close and I was stuffing her face with treats.
Training in the house is going great, she is so smart, did some nose targeting and a little heelwork, pretty good
I thought her recal was getting better but had a heart in mouth 30min where I lost her today
thankfully a friend spotted her trying to follow a man towards the main road and they grabbed her.

So training for Mia, she is no longer alowed freedom in the house or outside - she is either with me in the same room or crated. and outside she is only offlead for short times to practise recal

she is smart so I know she will improve
Its so difficult because until she improves she is not gonna be easy to rehome


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