Sunday, 22 February 2009

Mean what you say

Another thing that I have noticed with peoples interaction with dogs is they say stuff and then just dont follow through.

B tonight was wanting Mia to not be sniffing round his phone
he says 'Miiiiaaa' and she ignores him, 'MIA' again she ignores him, then 'come over here right now' then she wonders away and plays with Ben

B is happy cos she has left his phone alone

but what has Mia really learnt
That people will say her name often and in different tones of voice but it is nothing that she has to worry about.

Also in class I watch people saying 'sit, sit, sit, SIT, sit siiit, Sit' to their dog with no reaction from the dog
Person gets more frustraited until the dog finaly sits - then of course they dont reward the dog because it was being naughty and should have sat 1st time

Well if you want the dog to do something 1st time every time there are a few basic things to remember

Make sure the dog understands what you are telling it to do
Make sure there isnt a reason the dog isnt doing the thing (Ben really does not like to sit in puddles - cant say I blame him)
Once you have said it make it happen, so in the case of the sit you could either just wait till the dog sits down, lure the dog into position or put the dog in position (I dont really like this method to teach a sit but people do use it)
Reward lots, I reward lots and lots for a really good performance and if the dog did something it really didnt want to do


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