Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mia, real progress

So proud of the little girl today.
We were at a training class and not only is her stays and heeling getting much better
She also didnt snap or growl at ANY of the dogs in the class
Even when a strange one bounded up to her
She let it sniff her and then backed away and looked at me for her treat (which of course she got straight away) She is so smart, aggression can be so difficult to deal with but her progress has been great.
Have to see what she is like with the GSD tommorow!! fingers crossed but I think this will take alot longer.
The trainer tonight even said she will be ready for the KC good citizen bronze award in a few weeks. THat is amazing, no training at all in the begining of Nov to one of the best dogs in the class (well Ben isnt there at the moment cos I cant really handle two dogs yet)


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