Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow day!!

No work for me as it has been snowing since last night.

Means the pups get some nice loooooong walks in the snow

Not sure but it might be Mias 1st ever snow and it is deff the most Ben has ever seen.

Mia had great fun eating snowballs and having major zoomies

Ben has decided to become a snowplough snuffling holes in the snow.

Think the pups had fun, well they have been sleeping most of the day since we got in!

Mia has had a fairly good week. Her recal is getting good and we were in a different park with lots of dogs and she was pretty calm unless they came right up close.

Her stays are getting great too which makes getting fotos of them together much easier. She even sat and waited while I got Ben, set up the camera and took a couple of fotos.

Bens stays are too good too

I put him in a sit, then went to do something with Mia, heard a wee polite 'woof' I had forgot to relese him and he was still sitting there

Poor boy - he got lots of treats for being so good

really interesting to look at some of the pawprints in the snow. The little prints are Mia and Bens prints - I wonder what the big ones were made by??!?!


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