Sunday, 26 April 2009

My latest dog

I thought I would put up this little lady

She is a order based on a rescue dog who sadly had to be put to sleep.

She is all wool - no wire or anything, and v firmly felted (those wrinkles took forever)

Hopefully to show how far I have come in just less than a year needle felting

Here is a little dog I made as about my 2nd ever model, and I think he sold on ebay for about £1 - deff learnt a lesson there about minimum bids there

He is so fluffy, but I was dead chuffed with him at the time

He has a pipe cleaner frame - which I bet you can feel poking out his feet, and tiny glass eyes - he is about 2 inches tall

Think the photography has come along a bit too! (well I hope so!)

I also tried something a bit different

Nuno felting - which is wet felting onto fabric
Was a bit easier than I thought (although it really works your upper arms)

Mum had the bright idea of turning the fabric into clutches, purses and phone holders

They were fun to make, going to try them in my shop soon


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