Wednesday, 22 April 2009

When you dont have a camera

Lovely day today, I forgot the camera but headed off down Erskine Beach.

and of course todays the day when BOTH Mia and Ben SWIM!!! That will help their fitness

I was chucking sticks for them (no sharp branches or anything that could hurt them) and I thought I would toss it in the water.

Both dogs ran in to get it, Mia is by far the stronger swimmer but they were both swimming.

Also on the walk we met quite a few dogs and Mia was no problem. When I was putting her back on the lead a couple apeared with 2 GSD's but thankfully I had a big pocket of treats (been working on recals) and so I played a little 'look at that dog' game, when Mia got a little over threashold I walked away a couple of steps and played my own new game 'lots of treats fall from the sky' she was munching. aware of the GSD but pretty calm, YEAH Mia!


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