Sunday, 14 June 2009

Announcment - Mia update

I wrote this blog as an update for my felt animals and Bens agility training. It was written by a dog lover for dog lovers. When Mia came along I though it would be a good place to update her progress aswell - and lots of people were very supportive and asked for updates for her.

It has been brought to my attention however that there are posts on this blog that might be seen by non dog lovers as me condoning agression in dogs.

Which as all of you that know me will know that is not the case.

To that end I am slowly looking through the blog and removing any references or fotos that can be missread.
That includes fotos of playing where teeth are showing - of course all dog lovers would recognise these as dogs playing but it seems that can be missread

I would like to point out that Mia is not an agressive dog
Mia is a fearful dog, her fear manifests itself like Scrappy Doo with lots of shouting but on a walk she has NEVER attacked another dog - she shouts from a distance. On occasion other dogs take a dislike to her and have charged her and pinned her down, although there is a lot of noise in these situations NO BLOOD HAS EVER BEEN DRAWN - it is all show.
Mia is also not in any way agressive to people, on the couple of times when another dog has her pinned on the ground when myself or the other owner have gone in to break it up she has turned round as if to snap then seen that it is not another dog and inhibited her bite

Her and Ben had a few spats in the early days - this was due to her resorce guarding and me missreading situations. With training and them building trust with each other that is now not and issue - and again with these spats no blood was drawn. To demonstrate the extent of the 'problem' they have had one 'spat' this year that was broken up v easily and they were lying paw in paw washing each others faces in no time.

I thought that posting of Mias progress would be a good reference to me to see how far she has come - and it has been, I also hoped it might be helpful to people who might be going through the same issues.
It never occured to me that non dog lovers would have any interest in reading the blog, or that if they did my words could be missunderstood to such an extent.

So I am sorry for any missunderstandings. It will take a while but I will check every post and edit it if needed.


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