Thursday, 11 June 2009

Help the other Irish pound doggies

I am sure some of you rem that my Mia was rescued from the Irish dog pounds by a fantastic Irish charity

As a reminder here is the foto that won my heart - the little lady herself in the pound with less than a week to live

Dundalk dogs is a charity with no government help, they do such heartbreaking work visiting the pounds and trying to find homes for the dogs they see - and then hoping they can get the dogs out and somewhere safe in time
They then foster the dogs, quaranteen them and get all the medical work done before shipping them off to their new homes

My agility club is doing a sponsored dog walk this Sunday
Around Strathclyde park 10:30 am if anyone wants to say hello

and to make it a challange I am taking Ben and Mia - we have been working with her fear agression but it will be a big challange to manage the walk without putting her under too much stress

But I am rubbish at getting sponsorship! cannot ask people face to face!

I wondered if any of you kind hearted people would help?? I need to raise at least £5 to enter - and we are hoping between us all to raise £1000 - which is the amount the charity needs every month

You could either donate directly to Dundalk and let me know how much - or if you have paypal then you could send to me and I can send it all over in one go (and save them the processing fees)
There are so many kind hearts on here that even 50p would be fab

Paypal me on pamduthie @ (remove the spaces)
I will (if I can work the camera and 2 dogs) to post up fotos of our walk

Thankyou all in advance


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